Folklore Review 8/10: "An experience that no PS3 owner should miss"

Of all of Sony's titles this year, Folklore may have received the least attention from the gaming community. That's a shame, considering it's one of the most original and fascinating games of the year. The team at Game Republic has crafted a game filled with ephemeral beauty, mystery and intrigue. Yes, it has its share of flaws. However, the thought-provoking story, unique combat system and fantastic art style combine for an experience that no PS3 owner should miss.

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hotshot12374029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

so far i have resistance, motorstorm, warhawk, rainbow six vegas, graw 2, heavenly sword, and now this. then later this october im getting rachet and clank.

then im getting uncharted, assasins creed, call of duty 4, maybe HAZE.

this will keep me busy up until 2008.

whats everybody else getting? and what games do you guys already have?

blusoops4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Haze should be good, I'm still waiting to see a little more of that game before making a decision.

xhi44029d ago

someone's ritch....or in debt lol :P

But yer I've had to cut back this christmas, and I'm going overseas for a long time for uni so I'm just getting uncharted, ratchet, UT3, Orange Box, and Haze if i have ne money left after i import the white ceramic dual shock 3. SO EXCITED :D With 2.00 coming up my ps3 experience will be...........mindblowin :D Oh and assains could I forget *sighs*, but knowing me and how I like to save and invest money, probably just stick to uncharted, ut3 and can dream though :P

Makidian4029d ago

This is hands-down the best PS3 game I have bought so far and graphically superior to almost any other game available for the PS3 and maybe some 360 games. The enviroments are sharp and corlorful and the story is a good enough mystery to keep you playing. This game is not an 'RPG' it really is more of an action game with RPG elements. Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

hazeblaze4029d ago

I don't agree that it's graphically superior than most PS3 OR 360 games... however, it is more graphically beautiful and artistic than most of them... and maybe that's what you meant. The cutscenes are absolutely stunning & the comic strip portions are pretty cool too.

I must agree though that this game is one of the most, if not THE most, uniquely fun games I've played so far this gen. It's one of those games that I bought a PS3 for in the first place... games like this and ICO provide experiences that set them apart from other games. If you own a PS3, odds are you want this game.

jackfatal4029d ago

every body knows thats what playstation brand is the most effective gaming in history!! they creating gaming and they create the next gen games and they will do so this time around also!!!
u see its not about hyping the game till every body in the world here about it!! its about the true gaming experience that u will only find it in the playstation brand and will stick in your memories for long long time!!!

in less then a year and we have heavenly sword, Lair, Folklore, Rfom, motorstorm, warhawk. all those are very unique and superb games and some that u cant have the same experience else where!
if u put your money on the playstaion u will never regret it! thats a guarantee!!

Kuest4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

this game is starting to peak my interest. Excuse my ignorance, but is it out yet? Has anyone played it? If so, how is it?


Cool, so i take it the game will be like demo (if not better). Well that's good. Lord knows I haven't played a JRPG for a very long time (its the price I paid).

By the way... The worst, what do you mean "yea"?

xplosneer4029d ago

It came out on the 7th. I've played the demo and it's pretty sweet and as Makidian said it's a action game with RPG elements.

Itachi4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

this is one site microsoft cant pay off

too bad they have game trailers in there pocket

sonarus4029d ago

dnt think msoft pays off anyone there are just too many people biased against the ps3. The ps3 was seriously hyped up and to be quite frank it hasnt really delivered to everyones expectation just yet. With time however things will change.

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