Kotaku: 40GB PS3 Ships With Improved DVD Playback

In this article, Kotaku writes:

"Spanish gaming site MeriStation have published an interview with James Armstrong, who's CEO of Sony Spain. While chatting, Armstrong revealed that the new 40GB PS3 (hitting stores as you read this) will ship with updated firmware which will improve the PS3's DVD playback quality. I thought it was already pretty damn good, but hey, improvements are always swell."

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ps3tag4481d ago

that there actually a ps3 firmware on the horizon .. cant believe kotaku missed that headline.

Kyur4ThePain4481d ago

And here I thought nobody needed Blu-ray. Wow.

xplosneer4481d ago

Do they mean an increased speed drive? Or what? It's pretty hard to improve on perfection.

test1231234481d ago

What for? I thought he meant improved BC .:)

ps3tag4481d ago

this commetn was not meant for this page

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