Joystiq: EA owns Mass Effect ... so, what now?

Joystiq writes:

"While Microsoft is still publishing the first installment of the game (which is due November 20) – now that the previously BioWare-owned IP belongs to EA – it is noted that it "would conceivably from here out be EA published."

If one examines EA's publishing practices, it isn't difficult to assume that this would also conceivably be a multi-platform title, meaning Microsoft may have just lost one of their biggest exclusives. Will we see a PS3 sequel at parity with the 360? Or perhaps a Wii version: Mass Wiifect ... over a dozen minigames ... in space."

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power of Green 4480d ago

Nice find.

The tril isn't going anywhere MSFT values the brand loyalty this title will garner more than the money it will make. Pull your weight PETER.

Dannagar4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Although Microsoft still has publishing rights to the first Mass Effect, EA now owns it and can put it on whatever system they want. It's future is in EA's hands now.

Update: I guess there's too much we don't know to make any calls on the Future of Mass Effect. It was build from the ground up on Xbox 360 and would have to be re-written for the PS3. At this point, I'm not sure that would be Financially viable. But I wouldn't rule it out nor would I rule out Microsoft making a deal to keep the Trilogy Exclusive.

power of Green 4480d ago

I know that now I was talking about the upcoming talks between MSFT, EA and Bioware.

Dannagar4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

I've been dying to play Mass Effect. I don't have any problems if The Mass Effect Trilogy goes multi-platform, as long as I get to play it in November.

ShiftyLookingCow4480d ago

yeah as long as quality is not compromised and Bioware's creative ability stays intact, nobody should give a damn about sequels going multi platform.

power of Green 4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Good for you!, some of us do care; no one wants this to be downgraded for PS3. I'm assuming you read all of the post down to the bottom. Why would I say this was a nice find when most of the article was saying the rest of the series could go multi platform. This game boasts quality why would anybody wan't to play a game thats downgraded later on in the series life?.

MSFT is going to give money and or work out some deal if you have read though the whole post that was my point in the first post.

hazeblaze4480d ago

Your argument makes little sense. Mass Effect will be an awesome game... but it doesn't boast any quality in ANY area that hasn't already been realized on the PS3. The only way this game would have to be downgraded is for the Wii. There are already games with better environments, character models, and animations on the PS3... so if anything the devs may be able to make an even better game by learning the PS3 hardware.

However, learning that EA now owns Bioware has managed to make all Bioware's future titles less interesting to me now.

DrPirate4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

wow PoG, now you know why PS3 owners don't want MGS4 to go multi.

We don't want it to be "downgraded".

Secondly, Mass Effect doesn't seem to be anything special graphically, it just seems content heavy. We all know PS3 has Blu-Ray and Hard-Drive, so content shouldn't be a problem.

socomnick4480d ago

Haze name one. Because so Far I have seen none.

Ri0tSquad4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Could care less for this game. I had to throw that out there but lets see how UT3 looks like on the 360 next year.

Hatchetforce4480d ago

Downgraded? You mean the way GRAW 2 looks better on the PS3 or the way the new Conan demo looks better on the PS3. Look dummy, those days of bad ports are coming to an end. You had better learn to deal with it or else buy yourself a case of tissues. You will need it.

I like good games no matter what the system is but your sole console narrowmindedness makes you look like an ass. You are, but as appearances go you also look like one. Acting as if the PS3 doesn't have the horsepower when it has shown it does is just pure stupidity on your part. Do you even realize what a lauguhing stock you are? It doesn't matter. It isn't as if anything you say is relevant.

I have Mass Effect paid off but if it goes to the PS3 I fully expect it will look somewhat better. You can worship Gabe Newell all day but it won't change the fact that your days of punching the PS3 over graphical prowess are over. Crying line forms over there. Take a chair, you are going to be there a while.

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DaTrooF4480d ago

i think that M$ will make some kind of agreement or lay down some money to keep the trilogy.

no_more_heroes4480d ago

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath. Published by EA but still xbox exclusive.

jackdoe4480d ago

That's called a third party exclusive which are a dying breed.

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