G4 Acquires 'Heroes'

G4 is now your cable TV home for all new episodes of Heroes Season 2! That's right, now you can catch this smash hit series on a second night – Saturdays @ 10PM ET. It starts November 3 and will include a live interactive post show for every new episode.

There will also be a Season 1 marathon.

Check the link for more information.

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Mu5afir4025d ago

Is this the best news ever? (/end sarcasm)

AznSniper4025d ago

So this is their big announcement?

D R Fz4025d ago

"That's right, kiddies. This is the big one. The announcement we've been waiting to make for a long time now."

This might save the G4tv channel and their ratings, but as a gamer, I was expecting the big announcement to relate to gaming in some way or another.

INehalemEXI4025d ago

I watch Heroes on netflix's watch now feature anytime already though.

jaja14344025d ago

Yea I didn't really get into last season and seeing as how I was sick all weekend I just hooked up my computer to my TV and watched all of Season 1. Well a couple of times actually because I kept passing out form the whole being sick thing...

Fantastic show! Though at times a bit slow.

Umbrella Corp4025d ago

G4 im officially not watching you any more,how does this effect the viewer it only helps YOU.Greedy [email protected]

kspraydad4025d ago

Nothing Sony disappoints me with this year can top this lame ass announcement.

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The story is too old to be commented.