Blu-ray & HD DVD Camp Fight At High-Def Conference

Russ Crupnick, VP and senior analyst for The NPD Group, is disappointed.

"I was hoping to win the Nobel Peace Prize for solving the format war," he said after hosting a high-def format panel Oct. 10 at the 5th Annual HDTV Conference in Universal City, Calif. "That's apparently not going to happen today."

In another contentious roundtable, representatives of both the Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD groups sparred over which was better to supplant DVD, while a representative of Warner Bros. took the middle ground.

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Dannagar4482d ago

It's funny how the format wars made its way into the video game industry. Somehow we are the ones that are to choose the next generation format. Boy aren't we special.

Close_Second4482d ago

I don't enjoy being pimped out and for one won't support either format. Even if I get a PS3 I won't be buying any movies in Blu-Ray format.

Until there is a winner I will keep buying on DVD only.

Phuck Sony BS34482d ago

At least you have "Neautral" parties about this format war. Dan Silverberg is right by saying not to rely on game consoles.

joydestroy4482d ago

yeah, i wouldn't rely on game consoles, but if the PS3 takes off, which will be any month now, it would be bad for the HD-DVD camp.

blackmagic4482d ago

The problem with relying on consoles (as Blu-ray firmly does) is that a massive portion of the demographic is 18-30 year old males.

While this demographic will be wild about movies like 300, they will be largely indifferent to movies like Citizen Cane or Casablanca (for example). You end up with a very lopsided market where some movies are very popular and others barely sell at all.

Young Capwn4482d ago

i continue to buy blurays, cause the are attractive to me.

HeartlesskizZ4482d ago

This fight is not even funny anymore. topics after topics said nothing same thing

jaja14344482d ago

I'm in the DVD is good enough crowd. I know eventually I will switch to HD but that wont happen till prices are around what dvds and dvd players are right now. I'm sure the bulk of consumers are in the crowd, as is evident by the slow pick-up rate.

Makroyale4482d ago

If you have a 50 inch plasma or even LCD, I don't know how you can do without Bluray once you've seen it. I'll never buy another standard DVD.

jaja14344482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

The same way I can do without a Viper GTS when ever I get in my P.O.S 1999 olds. The best is great, but hardly needed.

Ohh and very few people even own anything above 32 inch. Hell even if I did own one it would be god awful because of the size of my apartment.
But thats because of collage. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.