Publishers: Know your rights

In this article, MCV's Alex Chapman writes:

"The debacle over Resistance: Fall of Man made it into almost every newspaper and was pitched as a flagrant infringement of the legal rights of the Church of England.

However when you examine the facts, there were no rights and no infringement. Whilst the story is old news, the issues are not – and these recent events provide a timely reminder to those making games that we need to be careful about what we do and don't include in them.

The Manchester Cathedral issue brings the main issues into focus if only to show why there was no legal case to answer, it also provides a good opportunity to explain how similar facts might have had a very different outcome."

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fopums4027d ago

a year later and they are still talking about this......

Panthers4027d ago

I hated the whole Church thing. They were saying that innocent people were being violently killed in the Church... LOL its freaking monsters or aliens or something (hopefully Resisntance 2 will explain more). Still, there were no rights violated and Insomniac wanted to represent realism when designing the locations.

chrno4027d ago

Isn't it ironic that some churches are promoting halo3..I know that they are not the same churches, but u don't c the church of England said anything about the promotion by other churches.