Fable 3 surpass's 3 million units Worldwide is reporting the Microsoft 360 exclusive (Fable 3) has now sold over 3 million units Worldwide.

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FLOWCity2749d ago

Well..I want to say GoOd Job...But it's VGchartz...

LittleBigHalo2749d ago ShowReplies(4)
Stealth20k2749d ago

eh regardless of sales the game wasnt good.

Mystogan2749d ago

Fable 3 is a great game...

Have you even played it?

RandyFanboiz2749d ago

I just beat it tonight, actually.

I rented it for gamefly, and boy am I glad I didnt purchase it.
It sucked, it was the worst "rpg" I've played in years.
It was half the game that Fable 2 was and Fable 2 wasnt very good.
The graphics sucked, the story cuts in and out randomly, there are no in game menus or map.

Shall I continue? I need to shower after that game.

ChrisGTR12749d ago

theres 3 million retards with an xbox. that game was crap

Echo3072749d ago

It's the internet, he doesn't have to backup his point, and you probably shouldn't expect him to.

Here, I'll return the favor.

Killzone 3 was a bucket of steaming puke wrapped in dog shit.

There. See how easy that was?

mcstorm2749d ago

@Echo307 Lol Like the way you put that.

I am also glad the game sold well. The one thing with Fable games is dont go off what is said about the game and just play the game and it is a very good game but if you go of what has been said about the game you will be thinking it is a bad game. I hope Fable comes back again but in about 3 years as I want them to work on a Black & White 3 for Kinect.

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