Kill Jim Liebowitz Mocks All Sides of Gaming Politics

Both sides of the video game violence divide are mocked in the satirical Kill Jim Liebowitz. The video tells the tale of Jim Liebowitz, an anti-games Republican senator from Connecticut who is obviously a composite of Jack Thompson and Joe Lieberman, and how the video game Kill Jim Liebowitz messes with his life.

Violent video game creators are also mocked as the developer of Kill Jim Liebowitz explains that any similarity to Liebowitz is coincidental and you don't have to kill Liebowitz in the game if you don't want to. Soon after there's a scene where a man in the background is using a Wiimote to eviscerate the Liebowitz character to very dramatic sounds. The developer even makes a great causality argument equating video games to corn bread. Following an attack on Liebowitz blamed on the game the developer says, "These kids love cornbread. Should we ban cornbread? I love cornbread."

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