EA's Bioware, Pandemic Conference Call

Kotaku writes: "A conference call about the buy-out is kicking off in just minutes. I'll be liveblogging it here on the jump. Stay tuned".

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cloud3604493d ago

dont want WRPGS on ps3

Wh7y did EA have to by Bioware

Anyhow JRPS will crush WRPGs in the comp. so no worries

NO mass Effect on PS3 please. Thats the last sh*t i would want

firefly004493d ago

Mass Effect 2 For ps3 Confirmed!

Marceles4493d ago

Bad Mass Effect port on PS3 finished March 2008 or later confirmed

power of Green 4493d ago

PS3 couldn't run it. I'm sure the deal is for the trilogy not just one game. lol

frizshizzle4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

"The question and answer section was particularly hot on which IPs will transfer over to EA, and the company noted that Mass Effect is published by Microsoft, but the intellectual property now belongs to Electronic Arts and would conceivably from here out be EA published."

Oh looks like ME2/3 could hit PS3 if they ever get made.

Spike474493d ago

I'm more interested in capcom's anouncement next week.

fingers crossed for dead rising 2 or new ip.

Spike474493d ago

is everyone saying mass effect for ps3 and stuff?

it's really not gonna happen, unless the ps3 gets it a couple of months later, but i don't expect that to happen.

ms is really holding tight mass effect so they can hype it up like halo3.

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The story is too old to be commented.