Review: Pac-Man gets a reboot in PAC'N-JUMP [Macgasm]

Terry Lucy of Macgasm writes, "Pac-Man is present in the App Store once more in a new game called PAC’N-JUMP. Fans of the Pac-Man games expecting a new top-down version of our favourite ghost eater look away now, because Namco has shaken things up a little bit and has created a game very similar to the amazingly popular Doodle Jump.

Players have to control Pac-Man as he repeatedly bounces up and down, moving him from left to right in order to land on platforms, with the aim being to jump as high as possible to progress to the next level. To assist Pac-Man there are some typical boosters in the game such as PAC-DOTS and POWER PELLETS, as well as Fruit, which when eaten, give Pac-Man a boost in order to jump higher and faster."

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apex812845d ago

I'll take another game like Doodle Jump any day of the week!

BlueYeti2845d ago

Epic game! I love it already!

apex812845d ago

What's your favorite part? I love that it's not very forgiving. I'm tired of games making things easy on me.