Assassin's Creed to stalk DS in February '08

Lending some convincing creed-ence to those nearly forgotten rumors, the DS version of Assassin's Creed has appeared on Nintendo's "holidays and beyond" release list. Those hoping to abandon their Pokémans in favor of, uh, poking a man in the back with a dagger should note that the game falls into the "beyond" part of Nintendo's schedule. Ubisoft's pint-sized bump-off sim is currently set for release in February 2008.

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THE_JUDGE4077d ago

of the dumbest ideas. Because Ubi would dumb this game down so far to put it on the DS makes me wary of buying it. Same thing with the NG series. On the DS? Come on! I know it has a good install base but what happened to video games being art?? Porting a game to Ds is like Picasso finger painting on of his master pieces.