Review: Sony's Updated PlayStation Portable Nothing to Get Excited About

Sony seems to have taken the easy way out with its latest PlayStation Portable. Its revision adds a few nifty features but leaves most things unchanged from the original PSP released more than two years ago.

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PS360WII4485d ago

If they just changed the look of it a weee bit that'd be one thing but it does look excactly the same. I don't know I'm still getting it once the piano black one but right now all I can find is the silver one. Hoping load times are improved with it for I'm getting fed up with slow downs in Tactics :(

BrianC62344485d ago

What's with that guy? Was he expecting PSP 2.0? It was just a new model of the PSP with some minor changes. I wouldn't mind a right analog stick too but you shouldn't expect it. That would mean everyone would have to buy a new PSP to play games made for the right stick. And adding the stick would make the PSP bigger. I believe space on the right side was a big reason they didn't include the stick to begin with. I can see his complaints now. This thing is huge. Sony messed up because nobody can carry this behemoth.

aiphanes4485d ago

What is not to like? sure it would have been cool to have 16 GB of flash memory built in...but...dang...the price would have been that the PSP is getting some cool as games.....its time to get one if you do not have one already...

wil4hire4485d ago

The rest of the world will. The PSP is amazing.

Hatchetforce4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

You have to consider who contributed the story. Bloodmask. In the most blatant acts of desperation he spends every waking moment trolling the internet in search of any story that carries negative connotations regarding Sony. It is his sole function as a resident 360 fanboy. He is too blind to realize it also invalidates anything he might say or post that bears a modicum of respectablity. In a way, he is his own worst enemy.

There isn't an ounce of objectivity in anything he provides. Picking at the scraps of Fox News for a gaming review is in and of itself legitimate proof of the very facts I have recited. He will go anywhere in search of the bad news for Sony.

Now bad news should not be avoided regardless of who is getting the dirt end of the stick. But when the vast majority of a recent contributor's submissions are chasing one idea, well, do the math. Combine this with his blathering posts and the picture is quite clear. His own actions indict him.

Contributors that make a pattern of such acts as if they were on a vendetta to preserve the sole console they worship will be the death of this wonderful site if they do not learn to check their twisted hatred at the door. As I said, bad news is one thing, combing the internet in search of any speck of dirt is just damining to this site and a disservice to those that visit here for the latest news.

The truth that his actions are pegging out the farce meter can be found in Japan. More exactly in the sales figures. The new PSP has accomplished the impossible in Japan - dethroning the Nintendo DS. That very act is the most accurate review of any piece of hardware ever. Something Bloodmask in his fit of Sony hatred has chosen to ignore.

dantesparda4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Hatchetforce, amen! Blood mask is a HUGE fanboy. And its quite obvious and extremely sickening. But what can you do? he wont change, and he wont listen either and neither will any of his other supporting fanboy minions. So we are just left to digress

Hatchetforce4485d ago

Check this out:

He reports a submission. This is naturally meant to kill the story. Now guidelines say that stories are reported for being of poor quality or because they are negative. Which story did he pick?

How is that negative, unimportant or of poor quality. That is huge news...for PS3 owners. And now you have your reason.

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MikeGdaGod4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

the screen is brighter
some games load alot faster (Madden 08 is way faster)
the system is noticably lighter, almost feels fake compared to the old one
the AV out works to perfection
charge with USB is a great addition

i love the changes

wil4hire4485d ago

loves the new changes.

However, it doesn't impress the 360 crowd.

MikeGdaGod4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

well, i don't know why not. they have NOTHING portable to play xbox or 360 games on. at least we can play PS1, PS2, PSN, and soon PS3 games on it from anywhere in the world.

i don't know if you were trying to bait me, but it worked.

also as i read this article, it occurred to me that the writer would have like to see the PSP completely re-done. this would've been a horrible decision if sony had done it.

it would have pissed off all the psp owners, especially the one's that just bought the system for whatever those games were that sold alot a few months ago (monster hunter/FF?). then they would be looked at like MS by not fully supporting their system. it's only been out for 2 years.

totally redesigning the system would have been horrible.

aiphanes4485d ago

What is up with that....they should at least try and get one out there...

hotshot12374485d ago

trying to attack sony with the psp now that he knows the battle between the 360 and ps3 is over thanks to the price cut. im tired of reviewers, i realized that i had alot more fuN never even coming to review sites. they ruin my expierence with games. if reviewers word was law then certain games would never get different reviews. its ALL OPINION. and i dont care about averaging reviews becasue that still doesnt say account for each reviewers SERPERATE OPIONION OF THE GAME. people need to let reviewers go and grow up and have your own mind. either way, im getting the psp. GOODBYE

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