Nintendo flaunts mega-sized Wii and DS release list

Did someone say something about a lack of third-party support? Nintendo is eager to dispel that notion – or perhaps they simply feel bad about delaying Smash Bros. Brawl – but, regardless, they've released an enormous list of games coming to the Wii and DS platforms. Nintendo's George Harrison (is he still working there?) crowed, "Because of Wii and Nintendo DS momentum, third-party publishers are supporting our systems like never before."

Notable inclusions: The long-rumored Assassin's Creed for Nintendo DS, the Japanese imports Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day and Master of Illusion, and the soon-to-be-blockbuster Elf Bowling (Collector's Edition no less).

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forum_crawler4483d ago

Nobody makes games for the wii. And let's not forget it is only for kids!!!

forum_crawler4482d ago

Is it possible that some people didn't catch the sarcasm in my statement?

lawler4482d ago

This is N4G, assuming intelligence is a risky move.

Darkiewonder4483d ago

Sift through all the Petz/babies/horses/poodles/ham ster games so we can see a real list.

cooke154483d ago

i just did. and i like a lot of games there

jay24482d ago

Is Galaxy still hitting the UK on Nov 16th?

thorstein4482d ago

Isn't a game? SoulCalibur Legends. No MOre Heroes?

Yeah. Definitely not a gaming machine. WTF Ever.