PS3 Vs. Xbox 360 Console Noise Comparison Video

All of the Sony PS3 gamers are going to love this video provided. There is one aspect of the Xbox 360 that no gamer can deny. The Xbox 360 is indeed a tad bit noisy.

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gamesR4fun4621d ago (Edited 4621d ago )

like in wow u think this is news?

edit sad this got approved a lousy fake home vid on some nobodies blog aint freaking news.
Just more troll bait

JsonHenry4621d ago

I did not watch the video, but anyone with a brain knows that the older 360s are louder. But then again, I can't hear EITHER console over my surround sound when gaming.

barom4621d ago

lmao it's a freakin joke dude! Don't get mad... laugh

achira4621d ago (Edited 4621d ago )

lol, how can you hear the game sound ?

6wl4620d ago

Before getting a PS3 (before they were available) - I borrowed a retail Xbox 360 and the best titles from work to try one out. (I had a ps2 and an xbox previous gen, and wanted to really try out both bits of kit.)

Whilst I was playing Gears, my g/f was reading over the otherside of the room. (and its a big front room for an average house in the uk) "Can you turn that down, its far too loud, I cannot read".

So turned the volume almost all the way down.

Few mins later "did you not hear me, can you turn that racket down!"

She was refering to the noise from the DVD drive.

Whilst I admit, some of the games on the 360 are very cool, the build quality of the hardware is disgusting. Corners cut all over, no hdmi, bluetooth, higher storage media or HDD as standard. Nasty MS only connectors for power, video, memory card. Loud, hot, and a kick back to the Amiga powerbrick that has a short cable so you cannot move it very far from the main unit. Awful.

C_SoL4621d ago

that was fu(kin funny...

DiLeCtioN4621d ago

lol loool lmao lol dam i nearly cried that was a vaccum cleaner lol

PimpHandHappy4621d ago

we all know the PS3 is hushed compared to the older 360 models. With that new falcon thou i bet they are both the same as far as noise goes.

and anyone that said this isnt news must be new to this site. Blogs arent news but they seem to really be held to that standerd

gamesR4fun4621d ago

keep telling it like it is brother bubbles
IMO this sites nothing but trolls now.