Diehard GameFAN: The Top Ten Releases of First Quarter 2011 That I’ve Had the Most Fun With

DHGF: One of the things we do here at Diehard GameFAN is allow each staffer to do a “Top Ten Games of the Year” list so that readers can see our own individual tastes and choices. This allows us to put a spotlight on games that perhaps only one or two of us have played and give gamers a chance to see why they are worth picking up. Well, on a flight to Minneapolis, I was making a list of all the games I’ve played that were released in the first three months of 2011 and was surprised that it totalled up to twenty-five titles. If things progressed at that same rate, I’d be up to 100 games this year. Because of that I’ve decided to do a quarterly top ten this year as well. Part of this is because I tend to play a lot of obscure and/or niche games in comparison to the rest of the staff so this gives our readers a second chance to see what they might have missed, while the other part is that readers seem to like me in blatherskite mode.

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