Mass Effect: Game Of The Year? 10 Reasons It Will Surpass All Others

10 reasons this space epic will surpass all other releases in GameRadar's article:

1) Classy
There are six different classes of character to choose from at the beginning of the game, and selecting different types change how you play the game. Engineers will be better with technology, for example; Infiltrators will be great at stealth or sniping, while Vanguard or Soldier classes will excel in raw combat. Complementing your choice with the different classes of your crew will allow you to approach situations in different ways.

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MK_Red4116d ago

With BioShock, Halo 3, Orange box and games like Mass Effect, Call Of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed and Mario Galaxy, the battle for GOTY 2007 is indeed the closest and the hardest of all time.

S1D3 EFFEC74115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

Bioware rocks.

jcgamer4115d ago

you might want to include Uncharted on the list...something is telling me its a standout....

Kuest4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

why don't you just look at MK's 2.1 post. Problem solved.

Edit: to twizlex

My Lord... Bubbles for you too, my friend. *Sigh* the flame ware in this thread is begging to subsist. I can feel the joy spreading in me. Of course, if you are just joining this discussion, you won't know what the hell it is I'm talking about. Anyways... twizlex, damn good post. You put me to shame. You did with one bubble what I could not do with 8.

Edit: to secret

What you seem to forget is that "smoke and mirrors" only work until people actually get to PLAY the game. I have played Gears, Bioshock, and Halo- and like the reviews indicate, those game are COMPLETELY worth the hype. But, to be fair, I have also played LP, GRAW, and PDZ- games that were, to say the least, NOT worth the hype.

In short, you need to get off you high, conspiracy horse. Enjoy the games you play, but don't mistake your OPINIONS as facts to start dictating what game is good and not good. By the way, GT5 hasn't even been rated yet. So how could Halo 3 be compared to the game, Fanboys...

Wii60_FTW4115d ago

what's funny is, no game on ps3 will be close to any GotY award. LOL

Twizlex4115d ago

I don't think you need that question mark in your title. Mass Effect being Game of the Year is pretty much a fact. All of Bioware's other games won GotY all over the place, so who in their right mind would think they aren't going to do it again?

secret4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

Any PS3 owner with a computer also owns an xbox360 - at a lower cost without online fees, loud noises, or faulty hardware. PS3 fanboys have a discretion, therefore, to buy any game they want. You can't say the same thing for xbots.

And I'm sure Gamepro was honest and accurate when they gave Resistance Fall of Man a lower score in graphics compared to Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

And I'm sure they were honest when they said that the Wii has a better game library than the PS3, giving it a B in grade compared to a C for the PS3. It's just that everyone else is scratching their heads and wondering why all the Wii games are so lousy.

And I'm sure reviewers were honest when they gave Halo3 perfect scores in Graphics compared to Grand Turismo 5 and even other xbox360 games.

Let's just say that Gears of War 2 hasn't even come out yet, but reviewers have already completed the review for that game, understand?

Opinions are not fact. Opinions can be bought and can change. Excuse me sir, but do you like Pepsi or Coke? "Well, they both taste the same to me, and I can't tell the difference, but because Pepsi gave me my most recent paycheck, it's clear the Pepsi tastes better."

XBOTs, your game machine is mediocre and expensive. Don't tell me that you didn't have to buy that standalone bluray player (most likely a PS3) and / or HD-DVD player (no movies and worst picture quality on the market). Add that to the total internet fees so far and tell me the TRUE cost without the smoke & mirrors fogging up your brain. Get an education.

Want more smoke & mirrors? Gears and Bio and all the supposedly best graphics (even better than Grand Turimso?) xbox360 games (all also avialble on the PC for PS3 owners to buy so that they don't need an xbos360) are all dark and gritty like Mass Effect. Ugly girls want to put on Tons and Tons of make-up and make love with the lights turned down. Yes, dim down the lights. Good looking girls don't mind having the lights turned up and being seen in broad daylight without makeup. Hence, when you turn off the lights, you get Gears of War or Mass Effect. You turn on the lights, and you see the truth - you see HALO3..!!! Turn off the lights, and you see Gears again. But what does that say about the true beauty of the girl. Is she really as pretty without the smoke & mirrors that Microsoft is puffing out to fog up your brain?

Smoke & Mirrors fogging up your minds. Don't get Gears of War. Get an education and a college degree. Didn't teachers and your parents tell you not to play games and do your homework instead? Now you know why. Some can look beyond the smoke & mirros and not get tricked by the media. Others cannot.

Oh yeah, I own shares of stock in Microsoft.

And for that one person who keeps on tracking me to click disagree on my posts even when I say good things about the 360, lets just see how smart you are. Explain to me why 3x5 and 5x3 are the same, and I won't post anymore. Deal? If you can't, then you've proven to me that most xbots are dumb, as shown by their choices in life and choices in gaming consoles.

So there it is. Explain to me why 3x5 or 5x3 or 4x2 and 2x4 are the same, and I'll stop posting. Otherwise, it proves that most xbots are dumb. Only dumb people buy xbox360's.

And KUEST, has it ever occured to you that your statement that Halo and Gears are worth the hype is merely no more than your opinion and therefore is worth nothing to anyone but you? In my opinion, GRAW2 is very much worth the hype to me because I love the game. Can you disprove that I actually do love GRAW2 and the GRAW series? You still don't see to understand fact versus opinion and their values. But nevertheless, the true smoke & mirror is this - They gave unbelievable scores to graphics for Halo 3. Smoke & Mirrors for Gears in graphics is that when you turn on the lights, you see that it's really Halo3. Like an ugly girl that uses "smoke&mirros" to make herself look better -- dimmiing down the lights during love makeing or wearing lots and lots of makeup, that's what Gears and bioshock and Mass effect are doing -- all dark and all bloomy. Or super short in lenght with fewer enemies on screen or details. And so on. That is smoke & mirrors.

But nevertheless, you and other xbots just explain to me why 3x5 and 5x3 are the same to prove to me that you're smart, and I'll stop posting (in this article at least). I won't bug you with my fog lifting ideas and let you continue to enjoy the fog and mirrors because the truth is so ugly to xbox360 owners. How much money they've spent. How low the quality of their hardware really is. How ugly a machine it is. How the xbox360 is really a subset of the PS3 if you also own a PC computer and therefore don't need an xbox360 becuase you already own one. AT A LOWER COST THAN REALLY BUYING A FULL FLEDGE XBOX360.


I wouldn't be surprised if a PS3 owner might be able to one day pick up mass effect for his or her PC. He can surely do so for Gears, Bioshock, and Halo. Thirsty for GRAW2 or Ninja Gaiden actions or NBA 2K8 or Devil May Cry or Marvel Ultimate alliance? Well, well, well,

There is a fog lifting idea for you XBOTS.

secret4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

Opinions are not fact. Opinions can be bought and can change. Excuse me sir, but do you like Pepsi or Coke? "Well, they both taste the same to me, and I can't tell the difference, but because Pepsi gave me my most recent paycheck, it's clear the Pepsi tastes better."

Has it ever occured to you that these are "American reviews" for an "American console" ? Do you think that they're totally honest and unbiased in this case?

And you realize that opinions are not facts? Has it ever occured to you that it's strange how a small hair out of place for the PS3 can cause a cry of wolf and the sky is falling, whereas an American console is breaking down and is guaranteed to break down because of an inherent design flaw, and yet no "professional" American reviewer brings it up in convrsation and let Microsoft continue to dish out hardware that it KNOWS is faulty rather than HALT production until the kinks are worked out like a responsible corporation?

If an American product must win, let it win on merits and not deceit. If you win the track race by pushing your opponents, drugging them, vandalizing their neighborhoods, or using steriods, or bribing the referee, that doesn't really prove what the race is intended to prove -- which is who's really the fastest and the best. That only proves that you're dirty.

And that isn't truth justice and the american way. At least that's not what I was taught in school.

Smoke & mirrors and hype and media manipulation are signs that a console is ill and dying because it can't support iself on its own. These are artificial life support tactics. In this case, I suggest that if you can't show competency, then take this opportunity to show character. Good character and come back next time with competency.

Oh yeah, I own shares of stock in Microsoft.

Twizlex4115d ago

You, sir, are dumb as hell.

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x440Magnumx4115d ago

Haha, how can you disagree with something a simple and undeniably true a statement as "Only on the 360?"

Fanboy-ism at it's best.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4116d ago

Crysis Crysis and even more Crysis

S1D3 EFFEC74115d ago

It will win GoY, but the G stands for Graphics.

Chris_GTR14116d ago

this game is GOTY..
BTW.. get ready for ps3 fanboys to come in here and start a riot. they always do when stuff on mass effect comes out.

RadientFlux4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

It usually happens with any article that praises the x360 . Post an article about Halo / PGR4 and bring on the small minded idiots (ie nasim).

fenderputty4116d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

I wish all the best for mass effect. It looks like a really good game. I think this year will be close as well. Half Life looks like it's going to be a serious contender. Bioshock looks to be up there as well. COD and Uncharted are yet to be seen. It's a shame HS didn't get the reviews I thought it should get. It's one of my favorite games ever.

S1D3 EFFEC74115d ago

I am a 360 fan and I admit that Uncharted among other PS3 games look cool and have potential. True gamers play the games based on its merits, not because its exclusive to console brand ACME.

But I have to disagree with you on Half Life because that game came out in 2004 and I doubt mags and web sites are going to let it run for 2007 GoY.

I look forward to 2008, the year when I have the money to buy a PS3 and complete my triforce of gaming goodness.