EU Playstation Store Update 11/10/2007

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are in the process pushing there weekly update the European Store. Still no signs of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo, or the expected Ratchet and Clunk demo.

The full list is as follows:

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Demo
Fifa Demo (RoI)
The Simpsons

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Speed master £2.99

Fallout 3 Teaser Trailer
Lair - Mastering the Beast
Lair - Call of the Beast
Lair - World in Chaos
Lair - When Dragons Attack
Pixel Junk Racers

Men of Hono(u)r
Planet of the Apes

Pixel Junk Racers Box
Pixel Junk Racers Neon
Lair Bad Dragon

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androctonvs4488d ago

no pes demo.. again... lol
sony is sinking.
sometimes i wish i never bought a ps3.

fenderputty4488d ago

I guess that missing demo will turn into riots in the streets. Then Sony will be blamed for the rioters actions. Massive law suits will cause the company to abandon the PS3 and give up hope on all future gaming systems. Soon after more angry fans will riot beacuse of this news and the world will come to an end.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4488d ago

I know the lack of PES demo is disappointing.

fenderputty4488d ago

I wouldn't call this pathetic. Sony has pretty much given us a demo or two or three every week for quite some time now. The PSN is moving along. More cool stuff will come.

Lucreto4488d ago

the Ratchet and Clank demo. It was dated for europe for the 5th of October and still nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.