Sony plans to launch a $200 PC Blu Ray Drive in early 08

San Jose, Calif. - Sony will introduce a sub-$200 Blu-ray disc reader for the PC aftermarket in early 2008.

The device will have no burning capabilities for any type of media, said Bob DeMoulin, Sony's marketing manager, branded optical storage. This will be Sony's first foray into the BD reader arena.

"A Blu-ray player at a sub-$200 price point becomes real attractive to the consumer. This is how it was done with DVD-ROM," he said.

Sony's plans include launching an internal drive, and DeMoulin said there is a great case to be made for an external drive for the expanding notebook market; however, a final decision on the external version has not been made.

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wil4hire4482d ago

Take note HD-DVD & investors.

cuco334482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

watch how all the Sony fanboys who don't buy BD movies chime in and say HD DVD is dead without reading the article.

To be on topic, this is good news for the PC market but if we're talking about BD movies, who cares about laptops or PCs having them (unless it's a HTPC)? HDM should be watched on a good sized HDTV with a good home theater setup.

EDIT: to below
maybe you don't get the acronym
HTPC = Home Theater Personal Computer
Those that have the good HTPCs tend to go for the higher quality more expensive components.

TechWiz4482d ago

cuco33 -

You do know that a lot of people/business attach their computer to High Def TV's. I have a computer hook up to a 32" LCD tv.

Antiomo4481d ago

hd-dvd is dead in my eyes... then again they are living on life support right now.

Once when sony moves foward with these cheapo drives, other companies will follow.

Last I've seen toshiba are the only ones that make hd-dvd drives for pc's NO one else.

BTW blu-ray is not only used for movies, it will be used for bigger storage. And I know alot of ppl who use their pc as a home theatre pc.

Snukadaman4482d ago

you would probably buy like 6 everyday with the effort you put in news.

fury4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

This is huge. If they really release a $200 Blu-ray drive I think the format war will be finally officially over. That would be the last and biggest nail in HD-DVD's coffin.

Ri0tSquad4482d ago

how much is it to get a hd dvd drive on a pc? Is it less then 200 now?

jaja14344482d ago

Well technically the 360 HD ad-on works on a Vista/XP computer, though with XP it does require some "driver magic".

And I guess with some hardware fun you could stick it into a PC Tower, but thats not quite the same thing as a PC drive. And really why would you want to do that anyways?

So to anwser your question, there is one for the PC(kind of,but not really) and it cost 179$.

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