Halo 3 Soundtrack making way soon?

The guys over at The Xbox Domain, found a link over at Evil Avatar forums directing to the Halo 3 soundtrack product page on Amazon. According to Amazon, the Halo 3 soundtrack is set for release on November 20, 2007 (and available for pre-order). The description says the item will retail for $12.99 and has two discs packed inside it. Just to be safe, place this under rumors until official word.

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vgn244489d ago

The link below has an official MS memo that stated this a long time ago.

vgn244489d ago

I'm not dissin the person who submitted this since this is more official now, just noting the memo that said it a while back. Always glad to get confirmation. So thanks to

Balance4489d ago

that would be cool. the music in halo 3 is phenominal