Xbox dashboard beta rolls out, isn't that exciting yet

Joystiq---We're receiving reports that Microsoft is updating opted-in Xboxes with the new Dashboard preview ... and it doesn't do much at the moment. The most noticeable addition is a new "Xbox Beta" channel, containing three new titles: "Xbox Beta Program - Preview LIVE Update," which isn't clickable, "New Features" and "Help and Tips."

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TheXgamerLive3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Yes, I'm a part of the BETA as well.
There's going to be 2 groups, the LIVE d/l update group and the DISC only update group. If your chosen but didn't have the LIVE update earlier yesterday then your going to be a part of the DISC only updates.

Regardless, were basically testing the new larger disc format, ensuring there's no bugs in the games w/added staorage. The game we all recieve will be a new copy of Halo Reach with the larger disc storage on it.

see you all online:) TheXgamerLive

bodybombs3819d ago

this is the first one i didnt get accepted for. ive been in all the others, not sure why i didnt make this one

BLAKHOODe3819d ago

same here.. total bummer. :(

paintsville3818d ago

Xbox 360 just keeps getting better and better. Best online, best games, best multi console releases, first for DLC, vastly superior hardware, largest games library, kinect, best frame rates, superior graphics, better and better. wow.

SasanovaS19873818d ago

check out the delusional kid ^

NiKK_4193818d ago

....are yu kidding...or are yu just that much on microsoft's jock? I mean I like windows 7 and windows phone 7, but damn yu must really love them to make obvious lies for them

RememberThe3573818d ago

At least paintsville is being positive. Even if he is a little delusional...

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saladthieves3819d ago

Is there a difference between the new Halo Reach on the larger disc and the retail one that came out last year? I'm talking about gameplay wise here...maybe better audio quality and such?

wwm0nkey3819d ago

We dont know yet, could be better textures, sound or just added DLC maps. Or it could just be the original.

KotC3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

I think as soon as the Halo disc start rolling out there will be more than enough youtube video for all to see. I'm not uploading any video of my copy. I don't want a Nazi gestapo lawyer super anti civil rights force to come after me like Sony has.

MerkinMax3819d ago

or maybe you should just abide by the TOS you agreed to when signing up for the beta...

saladthieves3818d ago

Initially when I heard about Microsoft's new disc format, I thought that they were going to upgrade to something like 15 GB or similar. This way I thought they could do awesome stuff like maybe have all of Gears 1 and 2 on one disc and stuff.

But with the new 1 GB additional space, it isn't that big but it's still better than nothing. I hope that this space becomes useful to developers though.

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Dr Face Doctor3819d ago

It'd be awesome of the Halo disc on the new format included some DLC maps what with all that extra space.

Embusque3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Oh boy, yet another crowd-pleaser with no substantial improvements or additions. I love how Microsoft initiates these "beta" programs to force hype and mask the fact that all they do is make slight changes to the appearance and call it a big update.

If all the update entails is support for the new disc format, then there is scarcely a need for any kind of a beta beyond pure laziness.

thrasherv33819d ago

"Oh boy, yet another crowd-pleaser with no substantial improvements or additions."

One added gigabyte of space sounds like an "addition" to me...

bodybombs3819d ago

would you rather no update at all?

v1c1ous3819d ago

so you're complaining they don't have enough content....for a beta test?

KotC3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

They add new additions to every Live update. The only difference is Live doesn't get updates every other week like that other one. You know you could use Google so you can get updated on the facts of "improvements or additions" to every dash update from day one. In fact when you compare 360 to the PS3, only the 360 keeps giving new features. Sony on the other hand keep removing features like other OS or they ignore their fanbase and give them text chat when they all want voice. How long have PS3 fanboys been waiting for cross game chat?

winflasher03818d ago

You don't have a PS3 so you wouldn't know how PSN is by now. Your still stuck in 2008.

acky13818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

OtherOS was removed ages can't say "keep removing features" and then only give one example which happened over a year ago that basically no one used. And the majority of PS3 owners are indifferent to cross game chat, only a small minority will actually be desperate for the ULTIMATE feature that is X-GAME-CHAAATTTT!!!!11!one!

RememberThe3573818d ago

Screw cross game chat, I want a universal party system.

guigsy3819d ago

Every 360 owner knows that the major updates come in the fall.

OC_MurphysLaw3819d ago

Yet another un-informed gamer. This beta is to test the new disc format for the upcoming live update. That is the primary purpose...they have not said its a preview beta of the actual dashboard update...just the disc format.

Embusque3818d ago

I'm pretty sure I said exactly that in my post, which you clearly did not read the entirety of.

OC_MurphysLaw3818d ago

@Embusque... actually part of what you said is "Microsoft initiates these "beta" programs to force hype and mask the fact that all they do is make slight changes to the appearance and call it a big update"

First off...adding another 1GB of space to their discs IS big, regardless of what your perception is. This is not a "slight" change in the least. This is a major shift in how they as well as other will develop games, etc...

Secondly, you said "Oh boy, yet another crowd-pleaser with no substantial improvements or additions" I am sorry, did you suddenly get a magic crystal ball into what is all going to be part of the actual update? Remember, this beta preview they launched is kicking off with the disc but all the features for the update are all still off line even if you have gotten the beta update, they haven't flipped the switch yet on anything... they just started prepping those in the preview so when they are set to go live with it and have it tested its an easy process.

But you gotta remember, this beta is more about making sure there are no bugs or issues on the disc format first and foremost.

So yes, I go back to my statement... un-informned

TheBrit3818d ago

I can definitely say, unless my eyes are deceiving me that i can see an improvement in a certain area of a certain part of the xbox - not going to say what as I like beta testing all the time but somthing in my eyes has changed and its much more responsive and 'faster' than before.

then again maybe its just because i have not used it in a couple of weeks and my eyes are deceiving me.

edhe3819d ago

They're unlikely to reveal their big new features before E3.

There's a likelihood that the new features are "switch on-able" for these new dashboards but probably will still require further updates.

They're not likely to "leak" their headline E3 stuff now are they?

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CrimsonEngage3819d ago

Yea i got into beta too. :3

Can't wait to see what this beta is really all about.

Raider693819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

it seems that pirates are no longer able to play backups games after updating the hacked console to the new beta dashboard!?M$ strikes back again?!

KotC3819d ago

"Source?" uh... logic?

Raider693819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

irc logs!the word is spreading,expected update news from C4 on this matter!Dont update if your console its hacked it will most likely give some a big surprise.

edhe3819d ago


Would about sum it up.

gypsygib3819d ago

I hope the one gig goes to the sound (although it's not enough for 7.1 uncompressed, any improvement would be appreciated), multiplats on PS3 all have much better sound but most people probably wouldn't notice unless they have a quality sound system.

I've got a $1700 sound system so I notice pretty big audio differences.

FragMnTagM3818d ago

You must have superhuman ears than man, because I would consider myself an audiophile as I have two state of the art home theater sytems and there is barely barely barely any difference in sound on the PS3 and 360.

You remind me of the people at Best Buy that try to sell you a 300 dollar HDMI cable, when a 2 dollar one off ebay will do the same thing.

I know compressed audio doesn't technically sound as good as uncompressed audio, but the difference is negligible at best.

Case in point, Halo has some of the best sound effects in a game and it sounds fantastic on both my home theater systems.

gypsygib3818d ago

lol you're an alleged audiophile saying that the difference between compressed and uncompressed audio is negligible...ok.


FragMnTagM3817d ago

Ignore me all you want, what do I care? I CAN hear the difference between compressed and uncompressed audio, but the differences in it are pretty small.

I have a PS3 and 360 and I play both of them all the time, and I am telling you they don't sound very different at all.

And the difference between 5.1 and 7.1 is so small that it is almost retarded to buy into the 7.1 audio crap. I have a 7.1 and a 5.1 and the difference are so subtle that it doesn't even matter.

YOU ARE NOT going to enjoy the game any better by hearing just a few more details.

To me, it is exactly like the differences in multiplats. The differences are so small that a person that played one and played the other probably couldn't pick it out unless the two different versions were played side by side.

Don't even know why I am wasting my time on you, but maybe someone else who isn't so thick-skulled will get it.

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