Sessler's Soapbox: Dear Halo Haters...

Well boys and girls, Adam's back. No more rants and raves from across the Pacific. Nope, this time Adam is back at the G4 offices and taking on a topic that's sure to get you fired up: Halo 3 and the People Who Hate It. Adam lets loose like he's never done, so check it out.

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Dareaver14563d ago

my sentiments exactly.... If you don't like the game, not interested in the game, and never are going to buy the game; just shut up.

Rockstar4563d ago (Edited 4563d ago )

But I still enjoy reviews on the run/electric playground more than xplay.

Although I enjoy looking at Morgan with the sound off.

BrianC62344563d ago

I played Halo and halo 2 and don't see what's so good about the games. They're boring. That's my opinion. I don't push it on anyone but I also don't want the whole gaming world to push their opinion on me. Enough with stupid Halo and how it's God's gift to gamers. It isn't.

As for Adam Sessler's video, I have no idea what he said. G4's site sucks. Whenever I try to watch any video they put up I get 30 seconds of downloading, then 10 seconds of video. Then it stops and another 30 seconds of downloading. G4 really needs to do something about their slow site.

THE_JUDGE4563d ago (Edited 4563d ago )

when everyone shut up about Lair? This game is NOT the Pope, it hasn't been anointed as holy so it should get all the same b.s. that any other game gets, period!

snoop_dizzle4563d ago (Edited 4563d ago )

could it be your connection? i played the video and it played fine. But who knows. I have had problems with them before, in fact that was my main site i went to before i found n4g.

But yeah many people do lay halo on a little too thick but, also haters need to stop too(not you i mean people who troll). Its a game. Its definetly overhyped no doubt, but nitpickers are always annoying for no matter what game it is. People have lost the concept of gaming becasue they nitpick.

EZCheez4563d ago

But maybe for different reasons. I am sure that the game is amazing and is the best on the 360 yet. I fell in love with Halo for the PC. The actual reason I don't care for it anymore sadly has nothing to do with the game.

It has to do with Halo being EXTREMELY hyped, and the continuous blabber of some people (I know not all of you do it) acting as if Bungie were angels sent directly from heaven to create the perfect game. I know there are other games that do get some of the same treatment (MGS4) but nowhere near the same level.

I just can't stand to not be able to get away from something. I see Master Chief in the drive-thru, the gas station, on TV, during my football games, and in the grocery store. That's just too much Master Chief for me. Therefore, I hate Halo.

BrianC62344563d ago

If it is my connection I have the same problem at home as I have at work. I don't have the problem on other sites but when I try to play videos from G4 they all have the same problem. They load for around 30 seconds and play a few seconds then do it again.

I don't have this problem with most sites. But I do notice it all the time with videos on G4's site. Maybe it's the way their system communicates and the way my network at work is communicating. I am pretty sure though I have this problem at home. I guess I'll have to try it tonight.

BrianC62344563d ago

I'm with you on the hype. I don't hate Halo 3 but I also don't care about it. All the hype is what is causing people to bash the game. I'm sure it's great if you like Halo. I bought Halo for the PC and while it was okay it wasn't anything great. I bought Halo 2 for the Xbox and again I didn't care for it. I played GTA San Andreas a lot more. I just don't get all the hype about Halo. I'm not really that much into playing online games though. Maybe it's only good if you like that. I just have too many other things to do with my free time.

Adam Sessler, maybe you should look at what's causing the Halo hate before you say it must stop. There is a good reason for a lot of it. We're tired of hearing about the game already.

What I really hate is that some games were delayed just because of Halo 3. That's really dumb.

C_SoL4563d ago

all i got say is fu(k you sessler & that overhyped piece of sh*t game.

godofthunder104563d ago

C_SoL,it's people like you that acts like a kid that jealouse that someone has something and you don't.the facts are that halo3 got almost perfect scores on ever site.
the problem with you and the other sony fanboys is that you are so jealouse that halo3 did so good and the ps3 dosen't have it or any damn good game and that's a fact and if halo3 was on the 360 you and the rest of the sony fanboys would be saying how great it is just like the game oblivian,when it came out on the 360 all of the sony fanboys were saying that it suxed and the sony fanboys said that they wouldn't wast their money on a game like that because it's over rated,but when it hit the ps3 then all of a sudden it was a great game and people must buy it,it was the same damn game but it was on the ps3 and sony fanboys say that all the games on the 360 sux but as soon as it hit the ps3 it's a great game and all this show is how bias the sony fanboys are,so instead of saying childish remarks please act like your age instead of a 10 year old because you are an abarrashment to this site with your stupid remarks.if you can't get on a site and act like you have a little sence instead of acting an a** please stay off.
if you disagree with a game that's your opinion and you have the right to post it,but please do it in a grownup fashion so people can debate you like a human instead of an a**.i for one will debate people if they just say what they think and then we could talk about what's good and why he don't like the game,this is what these sites are about,it's not about posting crap and being an a** because it dosen't get you any where all it dose is make you look like you don't have the sence to hold a conversation and it's just pittyful and i feel sorry for you.

tmatte4563d ago

But Halo isn't a piece of crap.

DeadIIIRed4562d ago

This guy (Adam Sessler) reviews games for a living. For him to say a game is somewhat off limits is pretty hypocritical. Maybe if he took Microsoft's c*ck out of his mouth he too would realize that. Yes Halo 3 was a good game, but it is H-A-L-O, HALO. It's like, what if R* kept on releasing game after game after game in the same exact city (not counting the redesigned Liberty City, I'm talking about GTAIII LC). Would that game be off limits as well?

reaperxciv4562d ago

now will some admin delete my account from!

th3_d3an4562d ago

someone needs to get sessler laid


andy0014562d ago

I'm playing through it now, and on the last level I think (Lots of Flood in a big wet orifice thingy), and I think it is a really great game. About 10 hours so far (which puts it a little longer that Heavenly Sword, for those who say PS3 games are short :o) )


I don't understand why it got all those inflated reviews and thats my problem. I don't like all the hype that surrounds this single game, more than I've ever seen in any game launch in the past.

I don't hate the game, I hate the hype, and that is probably the same with many others.

Omegasyde4562d ago

I agree its a good game but man the reviews were way over inflated.

IGN and acouple other sites gave Halo3 a 9 in graphics. WTF.
Bio shock and gears of Wars Had greater graphics and got the same score.

The reviews were a slap to the developers EPIC, and Pandemic among other.

I guess graphics/sound scores get boosted by +3 for the game being fun?

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Cerbus4563d ago (Edited 4563d ago )

If the game was so good why the need to defend it?

Captain Tuttle4563d ago

He's just saying it's a fun game and telling the whiny little fanboys to STFU.

Wii60_FTW4563d ago

So yeah, Whiny little fanboy. Shut the F*ck up.

the worst4562d ago (Edited 4562d ago )

for someone who gets on game
and disses other games the for the
same reason he just say
he can go kiss bill gates ass
which he doing now

Chris_GTR14563d ago

well he kinda exagerated to begin with. the only people that are saying bad stuff about halo are the ones that cant play it ...aka ps3 fanboys

Foo Skeptic4563d ago (Edited 4563d ago )

I don´t have a PS3 but have an Xbox 360 and I hate that game, I just sold it for $40 today, and I hate it because of all the hype, all of the stupid enemies and their stupid voices, all of the things they copied from star wars, all of the lies behind its graphics and "awesome" gampleay, AI is idiot..
And as this guy Sessler's whatever says, I don´t care if he liked the game or if anyone says that, there is a lot of people who doesn´t like it and he has to deal with that, if you like it, fine enjoy it, but let other people be.

And for all disagrees I am seeing 2 hour after I posted this, I have played Halo and "finish the ridicolous fight", gamertag Foo Skeptic

Anoter thing, the multiplayer is very boring too and I like FPS, but not this thing.

Sylo4563d ago

To hate a game because of hype is just stupid. Hate it because you don't like shooters, because you think the story sucks, because you think the ai is bad...those are all valid...

But Halo 3 really is all about the multiplayer anyway. And even more so, its about xbox live multiplayer. Over the weekend, I saw 1.5 million players on. On a slow weekday, there were almost 500,000 on. So there are people that do get it. I played the single player, and it was...ok. Multiplayer is where its at. If you don't like console shooters, stay away from Halo 3.

mang4562d ago

Sylo, I agree that if you hate the halo 3 or the halo series because of the hype you a fuk!n idiot. bubble for u sir

DeadIIIRed4562d ago

Some games, unfortunately, have to live up to hype. For instance, I was disappointed when the new Star Wars movie came out (Episode 1). It would have been a great movie all on its own, but it too had generated an extreme amount of hype. So ask yourselves, don't comment I just want you to think...Did this game, Halo 3, live up to the hype that was surrounding it?

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Mwaan4563d ago

The Playstation guys can easily avoid all things Halo by clicking on the PS3 section of any game site, but when I click on any article on any game site, I find constant Halo bashing. Most of the time Halo and xbox aren't even involved.

mistertwoturbo4563d ago

true very true. but as an xbox360 owner and a ps3 owner, i find there are more xbox fanboys rampant through playstation websites. why is that? so the real fanboys are not xboxfanboys, nor ps3 fanboys. but idiot fanboys who has nothing to do but hate the other system because they can only afford one. i say to xbox fanboys, and sony fanboys, stfu and just play video games.