Super Sentai Game Adaptation Coming to Wii

Andriasang: Namco Bandai is readying a new game adaptation of the Super Sentai series of tokusatsu hero shows, Weekly Famitsu reports this week. Fully titled Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross, this Wii title will see release this fall.

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Dart892779d ago

Nothing can beat the original Power rangers.

Titanz2779d ago

You sir, are correct.

Octo12778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I beg to differ :)

firefoxprime2778d ago

Sorry dude...I'm grew up with PR too(born 1990) but you "have" to pay respects to Super Sentai. Power Rangers is an "adaptation". No Super Sentai? = No power rangers.

Dart892778d ago

Yea you got a point and the new samurai power rangers aren't that bad at least saban got the right's back.

kesvalk2778d ago

go rangers are the best, they stole their weapons from the enemies, and had to play a football match to kill the villains, they were the chuck norris of japan...

morkendo232778d ago

look like power rangers. pose like the jenu force from dragon ball Z!!!

skrug2778d ago

senkai came out way before power rangers.

Octo12778d ago

LOL. For the one Power Rangers North America had, when I was in Asia we had:
-Mask Rider Black or Kamen Rider

Darkshader2778d ago

Go Rangers i believe is the #1 popular super sentai because eventhough it came out in the 70's it is still popular until in the early 1980's. Then everything changed when Bioman came around 1984 and also Masked Rider Black in 1987.