130° EA CEO Riccitiello obsessed with Call of Duty says: This isn’t the first time we have heard Riccitiello talk up his releases, some may recall that Medal of Honor was to be a serious competitor against Call of Duty: Black Ops, but sadly did not deliver as expected. Riccitiello has been in the media spotlight consistently over the past year with claims about meta-critic scores of EA titles versus Activision in the First Person Shooter genre...

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NYC_Gamer2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

he wants in on that call of duty profit

ATiElite2804d ago

Yeh he wants to be swimming in cash like Bobby Kotick. I guess he's gonna start being a prick and release MOH every 6 months.

captain-obvious2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

every game's company CEO is obsessed with Call of Duty

because just like nyc_gamer said they all want that profit
activison is like the kid with the best bike in the block and all the other kids are jealous and they want something like it

RememberThe3572804d ago

The only problem is that Acti only has one bike. Other publishers have a few. If Actis bite brakes down their out of the race.

Bull5hifT2804d ago

Its Battlefield ..that is EA's Potential Bread n Butter

ATiElite2804d ago


Battlefield is a solid series that has done very very well but i wouldn't list it as EA bread n butter.

EA has Madden, FIFA, and the Sims plus a few other titles that release every year and do big numbers

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HebrewHammer2804d ago

Do your thing EA. From a hardcore gamers' perspective, your doing MUCH better than Activision Blizzard.

RememberThe3572804d ago

I agree in a sense. Blizzard is still hardcore in my view. Acti it a one trick pony now days. Hopefully that new Bungie game will be good.

HebrewHammer2804d ago

Yea when I say Acti Blizz, I refer to Activision primarily. lol. We all know Blizzard's got game

evrfighter2804d ago

EA is EA. Give them time. Should Battlefield destroy CoD, EA will be back on top of most douchebag publisher in the industry.

Take that to the bank.

gypsygib2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

EA is probably the best 3rd party publisher this gen. I have so many of their published games.

Dead Space 1 & 2
Mirrors Edge
Crysis 2
L4D2 (not sure but I bought it from the EA store)

If EA a was a console manufacturer they'd have the best exclusives lol.

Goatfish2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

as long as they have dice they will always have the better product.

FunAndGun2804d ago

Too bad a new, inventive, progressive game doesn't sell multi-million units so then other companies make new, inventive, and progressive games.

Maybe I am just getting old, but this gen of gaming makes me sad to see what the future holds.

RememberThe3572804d ago

Games cost more money to make so publishers take less risk. But if you really want innovation look and the indy games on PC or on the PSN or Live. Their are a lot of pretty creative games out there, you just gotta look.

GoldPS32804d ago

Every company want what the other company got.

Sony want a Halo game
MS want a GT game
EA want a COD game

gypsygib2804d ago

Activision wants EA large category of consistently selling games.

Because right now, it has one major console game only.

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