Why I Currently Like the 3DS

Chris Whitehead writes: The 3DS is not a worthless, gimmicky portable console. Not yet.

The short time I spent playing Nintendo's newest hardware changed my opinion of it from skeptical yet hopeful to hopeful yet skeptical. In a good way. Of course, the 3DS has very little to offer at launch, but that is no reason to denigrate the system's potential. And after getting a quick overview of a few of its games and features, I see how much the system has going for it.

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SasanovaS19872778d ago

let me go and make an article about how your the only one

smoothdude2778d ago

3d is a gimmick. I don't care who makes it or where it is viewed. All I have seen is 2d images with depth. I don't think that it is worth the money for 3d, especially at the movie theater.

soren2778d ago

i hope u do know that dept is a form of 3d it makes it seem like there is a world inside of the screen with 3d movies it just loooks silly cus u have grafics entering the real world i perfer the 3ds 3d cus its like a min world inside of a screen

Jio2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I'm enjoying my 3DS, so now two people enjoy their 3DS.

gorebago2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I played with it at Best Buy and thought it was pretty sweet. I was impressed with what it could do.

Too bad I'm broke. It's tax season.