Plasma Station : Top 10 Best Final Boss Fights

With so many games existing in this realm, all (or at least most) with a final boss, it's hard to figure out which of the lengthy list has the most fun boss fight. This list of the Top Ten Best Final Boss Fights has some simple rules. Rule number one - It must be THE final fight before the end of the game. The game can still have an escape seen afterward, but no boss fights. If a game has 4 final bosses, it must be THE last of those 4. No excuses. Let's get started...

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Jio2750d ago

The Liquid Ocelot boss battle in MGS4 had some of the most epic music ever. Really fit the scope of the game.


It may be not the best boss fight in the MGS Saga (in terms of mechanics and gameplay, maybe not as elaborated as the The End boss fight), but still it has the best fighting scene in the entire series, and it is on of the most epic moments too just after the microwave scene( the most epic moment to all MGS fans):

It was made by one of the most known MGS fanatic, so no one can disagree! ;) !

Jio2750d ago

Ah, don't remind me lol. The microwave scene still makes my thumbs feel sore.

chadley2750d ago

Oh god. Worst scene in video games ever :(

Solid_Snake-2750d ago

agreed....mgs4 had the best ending in gaming history.

Dart892750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Beat every game on there except Chrono trigger never got around to playing it.

WTF i didn't know there was a limited edition of mgs4??

chadley2750d ago

Lol. We got this the first day the game came out.

Venox20082750d ago

I agree with super metroid ... btw Metroid:other M had an epic final boss fight too :) ..oh, I forgot, all boss fights in that game were epic :D

chadley2750d ago

Phantoon was a pretty sweet boss fight. The first final boss fight with "Mother" kinda sucked though, you absoulutley NEEDED to get the 2nd ending to get everything you wanted from that game. That game was super awesome in my opinion

sasuke992750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

See, all of them are Japanese games, why? Cuz the westerns can't make a one descent boss fight...

For example GOW3: hit, block, gorilla dash, double monkey jump, hit and repeat not to mention the cheap QTEs booo

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2750d ago

must i mention there are four action buttons on the controller, we aren't playing an arcade fighter so 10 button combos aren't exactly practical. GOW is a button masher (with its fairshare of combos) with a scale and production value that not many games can compete with. so although Ninja Gaiden tops GOW with regards to combat, thats as far as it gets.

personally, i would add Virgil from DMC3, Hades from GOW3, Hydra from the first GOW, The End and the Boss from MGS3, the spider from Demon Souls, and the end boss fight from FFXII (dam guy was immune to everything).