Operation Flashpoint: Red River Delayed

A Codemasters representative confirmed to IGN that Operation Flashpoint: Red River has been delayed in North America.

The game will now ship on June 7, 2011. It was originally scheduled for release this month on April 26. The representative did say the European launch is still planned for April 24, however.

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MidnytRain2751d ago

Ouch, it's now coming out on the same day as inFAMOUS 2. This pretty much confirms that I'll miss out on this game for the time being. It's probably going in my backlog for 2012 now.

Psychotica2751d ago

Much rather have Infamous 2..

Trunkz Jr2751d ago

Delayed just like Dragon Rising, and will suck just as much.

bumnut2751d ago

Im going to wait 2 weeks for the honest reviews to comeout.

I bought Homefront after reading early reviews saying it was great and won't be fooled so easily next time.