Feast Your Eyes Upon The Ultimate Gaming Hideout

RipTen: I know what you’re saying – “WTF, that’s just a filing cabinet!! Why are you trolling me RipTen!?”

ORLY!? JUST a filing cabinet!?

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Dart892779d ago

I think it's more for fapping than gaming lol.

captain-obvious2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

thats not healthy
its too closed and does not have much air flow
that is if it had any in the first place
thats bad for YOU AND YOUR PC which would have alot of dust
let alone lighting which seems there isn't any light source at all

not good

inveni02779d ago

They have those around here. They call them quarter booths...

RankFTW2779d ago

I can imagine it gets pretty hot and sweaty in there.

ravinash2778d ago

Maybe I should setup one of these in the office. I'm sure the boss won't mind.

Shane Kim2778d ago

No worries, just make some ait holes.

Fat Bastard2778d ago

I'm just gonna go ahead and say what everyone is thinking. He uses that cabinet as a place to masturbate to pornographic images, and there are semen stains on the carpet from the countless times he nutted all over the place. There, the elephant is out

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jaredhart2779d ago

lol, it's good for both!

LordStig2779d ago

yea picture 3 says it all, wtf is that on the floor!?

frjoethesecond2779d ago

Tea or coke mixed with something else (soup maybe)

KeiserSosay47882779d ago

Some "special"

FanboyPunisher2779d ago

Fat excreted from a fat man, look round a keyboard, nasty oil.

Christopher2779d ago

Definitely not. Last time I checked, the ultimate gaming hideout is one that you don't actually have to hide away.

Psycho_Mantis2779d ago

What the hell does this "Fapping" mean?

-Alpha2779d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

What do u think? Go on, take a guess :P

starcb262778d ago

Masturbation, Having a session with the wise master, Memory Bank Spank, Making pudding', Rubbing one off, Making gravy, Walking the one eyed dog, One man tug of War, Whipping up some baby batter, Shining the Shaft, Squeezing the cream out of the flesh Twinkie.

Marquis_de_Sade2778d ago

a 1 to 1 session with Palmela Handerson.

ASSASSYN 36o2778d ago

Tugging, Yank the willy, Pulling the tube, having a tug session, gettin a free one, bustin one easy, jacking your shit, playing with yourself, doing yourself off one, shooting one off, having a self gratifying moment of hand generated pleasure.

zeeshan2778d ago


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egidem2778d ago

I was thinking of the same'd die from fart smells in that hideout.

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goodfellajay2779d ago

lol..well thats news to me

JayFx22779d ago

I wonder if it sound proof too LOL

Motorola2779d ago

That would justify its awesomeness

tayz2778d ago

LOL your comment and thinking of fapping made me spit out my milk

thebudgetgamer2779d ago

i wonder if they made this for george costanza.

SKUD2778d ago

Gonna have to call in a bomb threat again just so he can get out without anyone noticing.

BigPenguin2778d ago

Lets just hope the bomb threat caller does not demand fitted hats.

SKUD2778d ago

Or calling season ticket holders about rained out games.

GodofwarGoty2779d ago

oh damn who would of thought that you could fit a chair and game there