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GamesRadar - Once again, Tecmo KOEI pulls us back into the war torn lands of ancient China where all the men wear pretty silk dresses and all the women wear next to nothing (albeit, it’s probably so you can differentiate them from the men). And, to absolutely no one’s surprise, Dynasty Warriors 7 is basically Dynasty Warriors 6, which was essentially Dynasty Warriors 5 and... well, you get the idea. With ten years under its belt, brainless hacking and slashing is still the name of the game with this franchise. Hey, at least we can’t call them inconsistent, right?

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Dart892750d ago

Well if you don't like the bad voice acting just wait till they bring the japanese voices as dlc.

And i personally give this game an 9/10

Rybakov2750d ago

the game is really great and totally worth all they money with it being as long as it is

paradigmfellow2750d ago

This is by far the best of all Dynasty Warriors game. The Jin ending is amazing.

r2kcipher2750d ago

I love this game. I'm hoping they make another rotk next.

Infernostew2750d ago

The voice acting isn't THAT bad. Come one, this probably has the best voice acting for the series and they use some pretty well known talents for this game. Also there is the jp language option coming too.

Dart892750d ago

Yea free dlc and new missions for conquest mode and more weapons.

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Ahasverus2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Let's patiently await for Sterling's 10/10
(I respect the players who enjoy it though, just not what you expect from a "sequel")

gorebago2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Signed, sealed and already delivered. His was the first American review and I think he gave it a nine or an eight. His review was thorough and insightful. Written by someone who appreciates the game and had no problem explaining it's faults.

I love this game but after playing it for a week straight can only play it off and on. I say an eight is appropriate.

I don't know what people expect from it. Cart racing? Darts? Pool? Card games? It is what it is and in 7, it does it well.

Raider692750d ago

Sterling's gave it a 7.

gorebago2750d ago

My bad. I only read it once.

anasurimbor2750d ago

No he didn't. He gave it an 8.

anasurimbor2750d ago

blah blah blah dynasty warriors sux gimme cod lol blah blah blah

2750d ago
Raider692750d ago

i think DW10 its going to be the best?It will probably be different than the rest!

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