New Full auto 2 trailer.

Here is a new Full auto 2 trailer, This seems to have improved since the last videos.

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Sevir045377d ago

It appears that the some people are wrong about the exlusiveness of the game... First of the the Trailer looks impressive, the first one might have gotten bad reviews or so but this one looks to be going well. now i dont know but i think there is something misleading going on here because at the end of the trailer i was looking forward to seeing both the Xbox 360 and ps3 logos... it said "PLAYSTAION 3" which means it's exclusive, not that 360 fans want this game. but i dont know if Sega "changed there mind at the last minute then this would have warrented a change in the production of this trailer, so it is yet to be confirmed i say. pretty good video if you ask me,

HyperBear5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

It is only a PS3 Exclusive, although their have been specualtions/rumors of ppl seeing a Xbox 360 logo after the trailer at the Leipzig Games Convention, which will mean that it is not a PS3 exclusive anymore. But for now, it is only on the PS3, until further announcements by Pseudo on Full Auto 2 coming to the 360. But great game. loved the 1st one, cant wait for this one.

TheMART5376d ago

Please let it be a PS3 game only please. We had enough of this on 360 lame franchise

joemutt5376d ago

Thanks, I will enjoy it!

Marty83705376d ago

Mercenaries 2 is PS3 only as well.

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