Valve's Alternate Reality Game: A Detailed Analysis (And More As We Find It)


"Valve are a secretive, misleading group that has the industry thinking they are actually making games.

"When they’re not making hats for your virtual character to wear, they are making games about games that could involve hats for your virtual character to wear.

"The latest information comes in the form of an ARG: Alternate Reality Game.

"Without further adieu, let’s get eye-deep in more of Valve’s nonsense.

"All information was pulled from the ARG wiki, which is linked many times in the article."

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Proeliator2779d ago

This is absolutely crazy. Developers need to do more things like this!

ATiElite2778d ago

what happen to the good ole days of insert the secret code and get a teaser of a new game.

Valve goes and make clues and puzzles that would make Batman, Colombo, and Dick Tracey give up on being detectives.

IDK when i think of Potatoes i think of DotA 2

Godem2779d ago

Geez complicated as hell

gaminoz2779d ago

Episode 3? Is there even one anymore???? They are spending WAY too much time on teasing people who 'need' to solve things!!!

BadCircuit2779d ago

And all that is just to get some teaser????

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