Wii Lightsaber making its debut

So Loot Ninja had heard a lot of tales and gamers have all imagined that the Wii would be a perfect fit for a Star Wars Lightsaber adaptation and it looks like the real thing will be on display at GameCity. Gamers will get a chance to hack and slash while playing with the Lego Star Wars Complete Saga game from LucasArts.

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ChickeyCantor4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

it isnt really fighting with a saber or what ever...its tacked on motion controlls.
i hope force unleased will make adifference

Malkier4114d ago

My thoughts exactly. Great idea, but I dont think lego star wars is the game to do this with. Think it will be quite disapointing.

vudu4114d ago

I wonder how many people are gonna put a hole in the wall/tv from lightsaber madness.

teto834114d ago

Now your grandparents and pets can have a "true" starwars experience.

frank jaeger4113d ago

hmm this might b good cuz basically the wii's games are kinda sucky and well being a star wars fan i think that if the wii brought out reall cooll games like these the wii wouldnt b a complete waste of time... btw has any1 ever played far cry for the wii lol its complete crap!