PS3: gadget of the year, Wii: one for the ladies, 360: best gaming gadget

UK tech publication T3 held its 2007 gadget awards last night. With the wii getting the award for "The Gadget Candy 'One For The Ladies' trophy", 360 "Best Gaming Gadget" award and the PS3 was voted "Gadget Of The Year 2007". T3 said "so there you have it, every console's a winner. What do you mean we're sitting on the fence?"

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V2oom4492d ago

The PS3 won for being a good blu-ray player.

nasim4491d ago

HDMI 1.3 support
wifi support
has an array of decent games

and doesnt burn down in 2 minutes after purchase . Has the best BLU RAY player available.

NEXT year when MGS4,FF13, GT5 , KZ2,WAR DEVIL are launched ps3 will win the GADGET OF THE YEAR and the best GAMING GADGET awards too.

The ps3 won because it is wayyy more powerful and advanced than x360

caffman4491d ago

This news for GAMERS. The 360 was the GAMING GADGET of the year. PS3 was the GADGET of the year. Meaning it won for the blu-ray player. Not the games, which is most important on this site.

ktchong4491d ago

And I do mean EVERY gadget won something: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, iPod, iPhone, iTune, MacBook, Blackberry, etc., etc., Seriously. And every category sounds impressive. Everyone is a winner in this contest. LOL.

MikeGdaGod4491d ago

360 won best gaming simply because there are more games ot for it right now. PS3 has everything all in one and no doubt, when more of the big guns come out, it'll take the gaming award also.

Chris_GTR14491d ago

ps3 wins again? but it lost... 360 got best gaming didnt u read it?..

rubarb234491d ago

not only because it has more games, but better games. just to add to your comment.

wil4hire4491d ago

The terrible hardware, the noisy hardware, the lack of HD-DVD player, the RROD.

Is having "More Games."

So its pretty safe to say that with all of the PS3 titles due the next few months & upcoming franchises that the combination Gadget & Game system will be the superior choice?

Or is it that even with more franchises & global consumer base buying:

Heavenly Sword
Lair (Laugh but the Japanese are buying this one up like hotcakes.)
Unreal 3(multiplat but, where is the 360's development blogs/diary/news/screenshots/u pdates/final release date.?)

Plus the 84+ other titles available. Which is only sure to grow in the systems 11 month lifespan.. The 360 is still going to win over more Americans sales wise, than the rest of the world, because of Halo3 & Mass effect? Let me remind you that Grand Theft Auto has sold more than the Halo 3 franchise ever will. "Bu..bu..But it was out first!" According to the bots, being out first doesn't matter.

If your logic is based on "More games." Then your logic is flawed, especially for game consoles. Inherently due to this thing we call "TIME." The 360 will have MORE games released, but thats no Nod to anyone for coming out earlier is it? Take some time and read up on the history of games. Look at whether or not "More initial games" equates to putting the other system out on the street.

PimpHandHappy4491d ago

not for being a good blueray player.... but for being a blueray player!

Thats what it is but it has some games along with it. Not a huge two year library of games but more like a 10month old librabry of games. I kinda like Warhawk and i did kinda like a few other games that i have played. I wish i had a 1080p TV thou.....soon



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The story is too old to be commented.