Divinty II Xbox 360 Demo Freezes Up

TGX: It seems that there is an issue going around about the Xbox 360 demo "Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga". When the player reaches a certain part in the demo it freezes. A majority of people are also experiencing this issue.

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andron2752d ago

Not a good sign. I remember the demo for Blacksite: Area 51 on PS3, it crashed a couple of times. My interest in the game died with it...

TheBeast2752d ago

Indeed, the demo is what can make the game awesome or just show how *insert bad term here* it is.

Aloren2752d ago

The game came out in europe months ago. It's pretty cool. Got 1000G. It's about 50 hours long if you do everything, and it never froze on me. The quests are nice (especially in the add-on), looks decent, and the game system is nice. My rogue was such a machine... except against the final boss, since my strategy was "gotta kill them before they reach me", well... didn't work for the final boss... and the bastard hits pretty hard :D

I think it's a good RPG. Don't let a bug in the demo change your mind about the game. If you're into RPGs, chances are you're gonna like it.

palaeomerus2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

It came out in the states a good while ago too published by cdv Software Entertainment.

This is a demo of a new "remastered" edition of Divinity 2 Ego: Draconis from a different publisher(Atlus now) with new add-on material included(meaning the Flames of Vengeance expansion pack), and supposedly a re-done graphics engine that makes it look nicer.

Aloren2752d ago

Well, I know, I was talking about the remastered version too. The first version came out like 18 months ago. The new one came out in november 2010.

And it doesn't really look nicer (just a bit), but the framerate is much better.

nano882752d ago

Ok so then stop playing them

B1663r2752d ago

No this is an obvious sign of the PS3's technical superiority, and a symptom of your xbox suffering a RROD, and why the only games you should play are PS3 exclusives, like KILLZONE3!


TheDivine2752d ago

Well duh divinity 2 (not the dragon knight saga) was buggy as hell! It is somehow more than the sum of its parts and one of my fav wrpgs this gen. If you have a 360 check out the dragon knight saga, much better, 20 hr expansion, improved graphics and well everything. This is the kind of game that compells you to level up to beat that monster that one hit killed you and to explore evry nook and cranny to find all the hidden interesting things and quests. Dont let the demo turn you off, i hated it until i forced myself to retry it and after about 5 hrs i was utterly hooked.

bangoskank2752d ago

Is anyone really playing this game?

Aloren2751d ago

Is there any reason why they shouldn't ?

bangoskank2751d ago

Aside from it not looking so great... no.