Dynasty Warriors 7 For Only $44.99

PS3 owners can pick up the latest hack and slash iteration for only $44.99.

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slavish32756d ago

not worth a penny over 19.99

TheSpoiler2756d ago

For all that it added to the series, I disagree.

But those that don't like DW aren't going to like this one. Those that do will enjoy the large amount of improvements.

Dart892756d ago

I agree man best game in the series by far.

I think the only reason people hate on this game is cuz you press the same buttons every time.But that goes to every game cod you're always pressing the same button's so i don't see what's the difference.

DragonKnight2756d ago

The people who don't like this game haven't tried playing it on Chaos. They'd die too much and start crying. DW7 is the BEST in the series overall. Though I think DW4 had the best A.I. and that feature where officers will remember if you helped them or angered them, also the lack of Free Mode and the removal of air charge attacks kind of sucks.

Overall though, amazing game. And I love the The Final Battle track for the Capture Chengdu stage. Best track ever.