Japanese newspaper claim devs 'Nervous' About Making Wii Games

Is the wii bubble about to burst? A Japanese newspaper is claiming developers are concerned that it might, with some nervous about developing wii titles in case they don't sell. Several developers claim that Nintendo has been the only beneficiary of the wii's success, while other publishers were forced to quickly make titles, some of which flopped.

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MrSwede4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

No one used the tips so I submitted the news myself in case you´re wondering..

PS360WII4115d ago

Well Ubi and Capcom both have made games that sold and sold well. They'd be the first to say that the Wii is a viable system. Other devs that are scared to make Wii games need to realize that they need to make a game not just throw one out in 6 months cuz it's the hot product. Case it point from the article "while other publishers were forced to quickly make titles, some of which flopped."

See you can't quickly make a title and expect people to just buy it. You need to take time to make the game right.

Ah well this is probably the 10th one of these articles and we'll probably get another 100 or so.

MrSwede4115d ago (Edited 4115d ago )

I just found out this is a duplicate,

Sorry about that!

Edit: How did it get approved? It´s my first submitted news so sorry guys. It was an honest mistake though, the title on the other story was way different.

PS360WII4115d ago

heh it got approved because this website loves bad Nintendo news. Well this isn't really bad Nintendo news I guess they love anything written down on the internet the questions the Wii's ability to be called a gaming device. Not your fault though I do see you switched the source so cool beans on that.

cooke154114d ago

Hah! I swear PS360Wii and I are the only nintendo supporters on this site. Yes you are right it got approved because it is a bad nintendo news article. I could submit it again and it would get approved

unsunghero284114d ago

I'm a Nintendo supporter too!

We should all play Brawl later this ye-



jpod4115d ago

I think developers just think it is something not worth their time. I truly think that if Nintendo can make good games on it, so can they. Just because it is underpowered doesn't mean you can't make games for it. They also need to really think about using the wiimote in their games and not just use it as a gimmick and put the game out there. I hope more developers makes games for the Wii that fit the Wii and not just some cop out game to have it on another system.

felman874115d ago

If you make good games, people will buy it....with a few exceptions, like psychonauts and Shadow hearts 2 :_(

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