Greg's TRUTHrant-EA Get's Sued

While it is no news that EA is getting sued, it might not sit well with the average gaming consumer. What will come of these claims? Are Californians really that bad?

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PooEgg2753d ago

When I saw this my first thought was, ah finally someone is suing EA for releasing broken games. But if I understood this article correctly they are suing because Madden is too expensive. If that is the case I think a lawsuit is silly. I agree, it's a game, in most cases the value will drop the moment you pop open the wrapper. If you don't like that, don't buy new release games.

On the other hand, if someone were to sue EA (or any other company) for releasing broken games I think it would be totally justified, since the return policy for games is so ludicrous. I would honestly like to see the policy changed to allow games with game breaking bugs to be returned for a full refund if the game was not patched within a certain reasonable time frame. The reason I think this would be good is that it would force gaming companies to start doing their QC properly before release. I am so tired of getting into a game only to have the game crap out on me due to bugs.

Or perhaps a lawsuit for unreasonable use of DLC... well, maybe not, but if companies keep pushing the boundaries on this matter I wouldn't be surprised to see one someday.

To be honest I would never get on board of a class action lawsuit, because I think they are lame. They rarely accomplish much, and the only people who get rich off of them are the lawyers.

And I don't think people in California are any worse then people in the rest of the world. There are good people and crappy people wherever you go.

Heartnet2753d ago

Most places if u buy a game and ur not happy with it u can return it for full price within x amount of days if u keep reciept.

And u shudnt get money back if game is broken anyhow a game on release is 99.99% playable and if ur buying game on release do your research xD

PooEgg2752d ago

Where are you shopping? Everywhere I buy games, the return policy is that new games, that have been opened, can only be returned if defective and only for a new copy of the exact same game. Sure if you argue the point and make a nuisance of yourself you might get someone to make exception, but the rules are stated right on your receipt and new opened games cannot be returned for full price.

And when a game is first released there is often not enough research to tell if a game is going to be buggy or not. Sure if you want to wait a few weeks for the bugs to be caught and posted on forums, you can do research, but if you want to get free DLC you have to pre-order, so it is impossible to do research in advance in those cases.

Heartnet2751d ago


I get my games from GameStation :) Tbh there the only ones i know that do it xD Game dont even though there the same company 8-)

LaWiiG2749d ago

Well, I can tell you the reason for that. Thank you California (not sure what it is in other states) copyright policy. :D

LiL T2753d ago

Wow people sue EA and Sony for the dumbest shit in the states but no one is suing Activision and MS for shitty unfinished faulty products?

LaWiiG2753d ago

I agree with the previous CoD lawsuit against activision. The game was by far inferior to that of the Xbox 360 version. Things like screen shots and trailers often come sporting the the title of both consoles.

More honest media like screen comparisons from companies has always been a pretty good rule of thumb. Also, demo's, you just can't effin beat'em!

LaWiiG2753d ago

Plus I live in California and people sue for the dumbest shi* ever. It is taken a little "too" far sometimes.