Duke Nukem: Forever - Official History Video Part 1

DasReviews: "Let’s be honest. What most Duke Nukem fans want to know is the history behind the development of Duke Nukem Forever. Even though there will be a book with the ‘Balls Of Steel Edition’ that will contain all of Duke’s history, 2K Games released via IGN the first video part of Duke’s history..."

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SantistaUSA2754d ago

Hail to the KING baby! :p

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SB_tanker2752d ago

Oh man I remember playing the first Duke Nukem game on an old computer a friend gave to me a long time ago. I didn't play it when it came out because I was born in late '91 but it was probably sometime around early 2000's. Unfortunately I never finished the game and haven't played a Duke Nukem game since. I have fond memories about it though. Hopefully they release the first game on the PSN some day. I'd love to play it again.