Nintendo 3DS Hardware Review by GamerFitNation

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte reviews the 3DS. "We have been waiting for this device for a long time coming and on March 27th many of you waited in long lines to get your hands on the 3DS. Well, now that its been out awhile, was it worth the wait or is it just another DS with updated graphics."

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bfigaro2750d ago

I think i want one when they go down. Great review.

Perjoss2750d ago

I hope you have tons of patience

Wenis2750d ago

I actually tried one out for the first time today at target, and honestly was unimpressed with the 3D effect.. it just looked blurry to me, no matter how I adjusted the slider. It looked a lot better with the 3d turned off in my opinion. The game that was in the 3DS was pilotwings i think, so maybe that game just has bad use of the 3D.

xtheownerzx2750d ago

i have to agree with you. I played SSF4 and the 3D looks good, its just tilt the direction and prepared to have your eyes play tricks on you, its a good handheld but it could have been better.

Stealth20k2750d ago

disagree with both of you since you both dont own one you shouldnt judge

the analog is the best analog thats ever been on any system, the 3d is amazing. And it will have a great library

sickbird2750d ago

Just got one today, i have no games yet but so far im pleased. The 3D takes a bit to get used to and some applications do it better than others. Idk if its just my analog but it doesn't feel as smooth as say the psp's but its not a big deal. Now i just need some games!

Wenis2750d ago

I've personally tried it out, how would it be any different if I were to actually own it?

Rhezin2750d ago

exactly wolfam1, cannot wait for Kid Icarus and Starfox! Hope they release soon. THEY BETTA RELEASE SOON!

Good Review BTW.