Jack Thompson Burnout: Can We Stop Now?

Many years ago, the History Channel learned a lesson: Too much of a good thing ain't necessarily a good thing. The network's penchant for Second World War programming led people in short order to begin calling it, both affectionately and derisively, "the Hitler Channel," because for awhile, particularly in the late '90s, it seemed as though you couldn't surf past it more than three times consecutively without bumping into Der Fuhrer himself. And while the History Channel has over the years cut back on the Last Good War, the moniker lingers.

In much the same way, videogame news sites are beginning to butt up against a similar situation: to wit, the long, strange journey of the Jack Thompson Circus of Questionable Behavior. And while it's hard to deny that "news is news," the question we should perhaps be asking ourselves is a more fundamental one: Is Jack Thompson news?

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Cat4029d ago

i feel trapped in a horrible we're talking about whether or not we can stop talking about jack.

nobizlikesnowbiz4029d ago

Lol it's like a bad dream...

Armyless4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Separated at birth perhaps?

Shin_Akakage4029d ago

No doubt Jack Thompson and co. will try to blame the shooting that just happened here in Cleveland on videogames when this kid clearly had a history or mental issues. When his issues are over and he is disbarred we won't hear from him again. Hopefully he will fade into obscurity.

Covenant4029d ago

"Can we stop now?"

When he does.

The McCarthy of this generation.