IGN - EA: Battlefield 3 Designed to Take Down Call of Duty

IGN - Electronic Arts is setting the bar high for Battlefield 3.

"This November, we're launching Battlefield 3. It's going up against the next Call of Duty, which is presently the #1 game in the game industry," he said. "A game that last year did $400 million dollars in revenue on day one. [Battlefield 3] is designed to take that game down."

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-Mezzo-2753d ago

I sure hope it does take it down, if not at
least it should be a serious threat to the COD franchise, it's time they feel some heat & take their heads out of their [email protected]@ and make a good game.

afterMoth2753d ago

Blah, Battlefield 2 and the COD games are boring. Maybe this one will be better.

I'll stick Barbie Horse Adventure: Tourney Addition with the Bieber DLC included.

paintsville2753d ago

This is the same thing they said about Battelfield 2. Just marketing hype. Nothing more. Move on.

Pixel_Pusher2753d ago

ugh...IGN thanks for submitting this garbage mezzo.

Commander_TK2753d ago

Good luck doing that. It's too late.

badz1492753d ago just stop with this "killing/Taking down CoD" agenda already! I know CoD is selling 10mil per year but CRAP IS CRAP! every time we hear things like this, the outcomes are always disappointing!

BFBC2 were suppose to do it but albeit a better game IMO, it fell short of being a short game JUST LIKE CoD! and then came MoH, although not bad but not great either and MP is average at best just like CoD! and then there's Homefront, ...quality-wise it's severely disappointing! I sincerely hope that BF3 is not next in line just because of this stupid "killing CoD" agenda!

I think everybody can see the pattern here! there are many games that are better than CoD already and the only thing it has left is teh salez, which is very tempting from business standpoint but it fails miserably is terms of quality, innovation, tech advancements and values!

true gamers want to play polished, great games not something that is targeted just so they can take over CoD crowd!

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EYEamNUMBER12753d ago

EA was saying the same thing about medal of honor everyone was also saying the same thing about medal of honor before they actually played the thing

JLeVRT2753d ago

Yea, but MoH was rushed out and hyped up. DICE is reall y pushing the limits with this game. You wont be sorry for buying this

gypsygib2753d ago

Battle fields MP is already proven to be a great game though. Not sure how much mass appeal it has though, it does require strategy and more skill.

EA should just be happy with Battlefields performance already, it sells well enough. It's unrealistic to think it will sell over 10 million on each PS3 and 360 like COD.

It could be a waist of 100 million in marketing.

hamburger1232753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

If its designed to beat call of duty it just means its easier.

I was afraid of that.

qface642753d ago

i like how everyone is already saying its gonna dethrone COD WITHOUT having played it

its Medal Of Honor all over again if that game taught me something its don't trust a trailer

i personally don't believe this will outsell COD will it be better? most likely ill judge for myself but will it outsell it? i don't think so one bit

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goodfellajay2753d ago

heck yuea..i hope was cod is the downfall of games..just look at socom..

HeavenlySnipes2753d ago

SOCOM 'vets' are worst than the self proclaimed KZ2 'vets' on the KZ oard. Always bitching about KZ3 being a COD clone but when asked to list similarities they can't think of anything.

SOCOM is nothing like COD.

GodofSackboy2753d ago

Yes finally someone sees sense. Nowadays, when a game comes out if it contains any mention of a gun it is instantly proclaimed a "cod clone". What is even so drastically wrong with cod? Yes their morals are wrong but every game has like 15 maps at launch and 40 guns, I think more games need to take elements from cod...but hey

gypsygib2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

True, for some reason any game with down the sites aiming is considered a COD clone.

Trroy2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

CoD and SOCOM 4 are NOTHING alike.

You call yourself a SOCOMer? I highly suspect that you either (a) haven't played the SOCOM 4 beta in classic mode, or (b) have never played CoD in your life.

They are totally different. My grandma could tell the difference, easily.

My biggest LoL with so-called "vets" is when they claim that "SOCOM 4 is too easy". WTH? It's a MP beta. It's difficulty is determined by the skill of the other players, and to a lesser degree, everyones net connection. Either these guys are getting worked (i.e. "they made it too easy for people to pwn me"), so they "dislike" it, or they're kicking everyone's tail, because it actually IS SOCOM, and no one else is used to it.

What a joke SOCOM crybabies are. SOCOM 4 is looking like a great game. PS2 SOCOMs had trouble breaking a couple million sold when the PS2s in the world outnumbered the frickin Wii and there was NO online competition. Get over yourself and enjoy it, now that its a real contender.

GodofwarGoty2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Battield Welcome Home Your Crown has Been Waiting

After Battlefield 3 Takes Down Cod Next Stop The World

BeastlyRig2753d ago

Cod is the world to most..

Who else to take out besides them?

ivant2753d ago

If Battlefield 3 at least copies everything CoD has and then improves on it, then and only then would it take down or attract the MW fans away from their, precious.

But it's still the better shooter what ever the sales are or popularity.

slavish32753d ago

battlefield is focusing on PC and CoD is focusing on console. I think this is why CoD will sell better. BF3 is coming off as a PC game that happens to have a waterdown console component. Even though i will be getting BF3 for 360. I think CoD will out sell it on every platform but PC

ufo8mycat2753d ago

Sadly I doubt it. Considering the 360 version of BFBC2 outsold both PS3 and PC versions, including Steam.

COD will be hard to stop

slavish32753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

You know i did say CoD will outsell BF3? So i am not sure what you doubt?

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