So I Took My 3DS To The Eye Doctor…

Kotaku - A couple of days before the Nintendo 3DS officially went on sale in the United States, I brought the machine to a pair of eye experts, so they could look at the thing and I could look at them.

I've never taken a video game machine to the doctor before. It's not been part of my routine.

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simulationworld2779d ago

Fantastic article. Great read and well-researched.

Axecution2779d ago

Definitely an interesting article. i really wanna try the 3DS. :/

DNAbro2779d ago

I believe nintendo put the warning just to be safe. they don't want to be responsible if something happens to a kid.

theonlylolking2779d ago

Now that is a kind of article most gaming sites should be doing. It is well informed and well written.

I would still get a NGP before the 3DS because of what it offers.

Rhezin2779d ago

Awesome article, puts the damn SUN articles to shame. Freakin morons.

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