Killzone 3 - Steel Rain DLC Screens Released

Check out these screens from Killzone 3 – Steel Rain DLC.

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GodofwarGoty2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Damn those european gamers are enjoying the Map pack right now and i stuck here looking at screens Sigh LOL

Dart892812d ago

Both me and you my friend lol.

Ace_19752811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Never paying for maps, don't care if it's COD or Killzone. Same deal. You get even less maps with Killzone though so it's a even bigger rip off. And those pictures of the map above look totally bland. Nothing interesting about it at all

paintsville2811d ago

Doesn't come close to Crysis 2. Not impressed. Move on.

rdgneoz32811d ago

"You get even less maps with Killzone though so it's a even bigger rip off"

Yah, COD Black Ops: First Strike - $15 for 5 maps (4 maps and 1 zombie), $3 dollars a map. KZ3 Steel Rain - $5 for 2 maps, $2.50 a map.

Yep, math is hard...

Apocwhen2811d ago

He means the number of maps that shipped with the Retail game, not the DLC maps.

Biggest2811d ago

Why would you think he meant that? We're in a topic about map DLC. He said he isn't paying for extra maps and used CoD as an example. It's a safe bet that me meant what he said.

HeavenlySnipes2811d ago

you get 10 maps. (You could of got 'Reclaimed Territory' for free by preordering, or by just using the website glitch that can get you the map packs for free) and these 2 makes it 12. Unless you paid for the first map pack (sucker) then you'd already have 10.

dkgshiz2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

There only $5. So you can get the retro pack and these new maps which would be 4 maps for a total of $10. Not really that much money at all.

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Apocwhen2811d ago

I normally play Warzone so there's only one map in this for me. Think I'll wait until they're on sale in a bundle with other maps.

El-Fenemeno12132811d ago

I might have to follow your approach unless it is free on plus for the states

Apocwhen2811d ago

Yeah, it's nice it's free for the month of April to PS+ subscribers. Unfortunately I don't have a subscription.

HeavenlySnipes2811d ago

One of the GG devs is back on the KZ forums answering our questions because they have some time now, but because of th FUCKING hackers, I can't login to my PSN to ask them some stuff.


FF7numbaone2811d ago

too bad warzone sucks, GG needs to add maps for operations.

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