Infamous Q&A: Good Versus Evil

Among the varied selection of games shown off for the PlayStation 3, Sucker Punch's Infamous was an eye-popping surprise. The original game from the Washington-based developer is a far cry from the cel-shaded Sly Cooper series that helped put the studio on the map. The teaser trailer for the game showed off a gritty, realistic art style and a whole lot of superpowered madness. tracked down Sucker Punch cofounder and producer Brian Fleming to find out what the developer is cooking up for the PlayStation 3.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4490d ago

i can`t wait for this game.

SUCKERPUNCH is so creative it`s unreal.

this game has "SLEEPER HIT" written alot over it.

Douche4490d ago

GS: What's it been like working on the PlayStation 3 for the first time?

BF: For us, the most exciting part of the PS3 has been the cell processor, the SPUs specifically. In our highest density scenes right now, we are currently using about 30 percent of the SPUs' capabilities--with the SPUs doing lots of heavy lifting for us on rendering, visibility, particle systems, skinning, animation blending, and so on...this with scores of pedestrians, cars, fires, etc., all going on. And the best part? We've not made any significant attempts to even optimize the SPU code. I think it's reasonable to guess we could put 10 times as much stuff on the SPUs and still make our frame budgets. It's really pretty amazing.

Hearing stuff like that really impresses me. But doesn't surprise me. ;)

rowdy 14490d ago

The trailer looked good I just need to read this article to get the story.

lil bush4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

the game looks really cool, ive dont recall ever playing a sandbox game like this before where you can choose to be hero or anti-hero which is really cool, and the city from what i seen looks really nice

i think this could be a really good game

also does anyone know when its coming out next year

Anego Montoya FTMFW4490d ago

IGN has it listed for JANUARY 08.

let hope that release date is true.

Almighty4490d ago

This game has "Generic Sh1t" written all over it.

Marceles4490d ago

The whole open world/super powers/"choose your own path" of them will step up to the plate and be really cool though, maybe both. I'm sure later they'll be a Crackdown vs. Infamous vs. Prototype comparison...

Marceles4490d ago

Oh yeah, I forgot all about this kinda peeked its head out at E3 and went back into its hole. This game has real potential to be great...can't wait to see more of the character's powers.

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The story is too old to be commented.