Rumor: NGP Will Have FaceTime Feature

Since the NGP was announced, many people have wondered “What is the front camera useful for?”. Finally, today we received information about it from a Sony inside developer. ...

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Joni-Ice2753d ago

It would be cool if you could video chat with NGP and PS3.

Peppino72753d ago

This is 1 piece of hardware I don't see anyone complaining about. Thats great.

blusoops2753d ago

So the NGP has a mic on the front as well?

a_bro2753d ago

yes, it has a mic in the front as well.

badz1492753d ago

plus...why would you want to have mic at the back to begin with?

meetajhu2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

This is the kind of handheld system gamers want. Its developers and gamers dream

LordZ2753d ago

Everything's sounds great about the system.... That's until Sony announces the price.

Active Reload2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

If they decide to have it "open" for devs to do apps for it--and have Skype or something, I'll sale my iPhone for it.

Just_The_Truth2753d ago

yep, 3g+skype+bluetooth= amazing

Millah2753d ago

Because Sonys consoles have always been "open?" Last time I checked, they were suing people for "opening" up the PS3 to developers.

I'm sure they will have apps on it, but there's no chance Sony will make it "open" in the sense that users can download and install any code they want on it. It will probably be much like the iPhone, a curated platform that is moderated by Sony. And there's nothing wrong with that, "open" is not always the best answer.

Takoulya2753d ago

I'm pretty sure he means an app store sort of ordeal. Having everything open would be a nightmare.

xAlmostPro2753d ago

cross game video chat? lol

Emilio_Estevez2753d ago

"from a Sony inside developer" - Who knows w/ a comment like that. Seems like a great idea though.

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The story is too old to be commented.