The Sun stands by its 3DS claims

Newspaper denies deliberately targeting Nintendo; Reiterates "record returns" statement.

UK national newspaper The Sun has told MCV that it stands by its reporting of the consumer reaction to the 3DS.

This morning MCV labelled its latest story, entitled 'Nintendo 3DS is game for a barf', as indicative of a vendetta against the platform holder – an accusation The Sun has strongly denied.

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Shok2848d ago

What bias douchers. It's obvious they're just targeting and slandering Nintendo. Nobody else is saying the same things that they're saying, cause it's all made up BS.

wwm0nkey2848d ago

Again this is the Sun, the people who still have stories about Santa Clause and ect being real durring Christmas, they are the news paper that posts stuff about bat boy and ect.

Stealth20k2848d ago

ita a tabloid. The article has already been disproven