Can Nvidia's 3D Vision Kit Produce Results?

The whole entertainment world is fixated with the idea of 3D - Nintendo's new 3DS being the "flagship" of console's charge into 3D. However, while the 3DS might be a clever piece of engineering to achieve 3D without the use of glasses, can the older technology still have a place in the video game world? checked out Nvidia's 3D Vision Kit for the PC to find out more.

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BeastlyRig2778d ago

well it is nvidia.. Who does it better sony?

evrfighter2778d ago

3d vision has been out for years...

even minecraft supports 3d

simulationworld2778d ago

Agreed - however, it's never been this cheap or as freely accessible before. This truly is a revolution in gaming - stereoscopic 3D for $150 in just about all games? Amazing.

therapist2778d ago

to be fair you do need a supported monitor or 3dtv, heres the list, freaking wide assortment;

heres the list of games if you scroll down a bit;

microsoft and sony got a lot of catching up to next gen....