GGTL Review: Arrival for Mass Effect 2

Gamer's Guide to Life contributor Andrew Whipple III:

"Though it’ll take you around an hour or so to complete it, Arrival contains an incredible story that Mass Effect junkies should devour whole. At just about $7 USD, this is an absolute steal. It may be the last bit of extra content we get before Mass Effect 3 hits."

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PhilipLarkin2751d ago

Gotta fish out my copy for this...

cogniveritas2751d ago

I can appreciate that Bioware created this DLC to put the player in a unique scenario that was different than others but it did not seem like it was worth the money. I probably had the wrong set of expectations after "Lair of the Shadow Broker" which was incredible, the bar could rightfully be set really high. Especially high for something called "The Arrival" that deals with the Reapers and is supposed to be a lead in to Mass Effect 3, and it even had a little printed ad in the Dragon Age 2 game case. All of that hyped me a bit too much.