Brand New Sonic Trailer Unveiling Tomorrow

DP: We know SEGA is cooking up something new for their blue hedgehog soon due to the domain leaking of Sonic Generations.

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Jio2805d ago

Blue mammal with spikes that can run at high velocity?

EYEamNUMBER12805d ago

i heard rumors he turns into jet in this one

princejb1342805d ago

poor sonic, as much as i love sonic sega is doing a terrible jobs with sonic games

K922804d ago

Well Sonic Colours was a step in the right direction.

princejb1342804d ago

it wasnt since they only released it on wii

truehunter2805d ago

i called it AAA titles rite there. Everyone is doing it so ima do it as well.

SMOK3xFFx2805d ago

I hate Sonic, not because of the quality of the games but because it has all of SEGA's attention. Where the hell is Shenmue/SoA?

Lamarthedancer2805d ago

So is this going to be another casual game because I'm sorry Sega I know you said Sonic Colours was for the casual and Sonic 4 was for the core but how the hell is it fair that casual gamers get a full retail game and we get ONE downloable episode content of Sonic 4 which didn't even live up to the past megadrive games.

RockmanII72805d ago

Generations? That sounds like a re-release of older games from multiple console gens. My guess is Sonic 1/2/3/K/Adventure 1/Adventure 2 on the 3DS for $40 (That would make the 4 Genesis games $5 each and the Dreamcast games $10 each).

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The story is too old to be commented.