5 Imminent Video Game Sequel Announcements

Rob Keyes writes, "2011 is one of the busiest years ever for major video game releases, the vast majority of which are sequels and prequels to established franchises. Even within Game Rant’s most anticipated games of 2011, 17 of the 20 titles are further installments in existing series.

With that in mind, there are many successful and high quality games that we know sequels are coming for that have yet to be announced. Some of these games are expected and/or rumored to become official in the near future, so let’s take a look at what we expect are 5 imminent major video game sequel announcements."

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ATiElite2754d ago

Come on Alan Wake Open-world PC version! you know the one they were making before Microsoft messed everything up.

Mcardle2754d ago

I just don't see how a completely open world Alan wake would work, There was nothing wrong with the game not being open world. If it had never been mentioned no-one would be saying- "Oh this game should be open world" Maybe it would be good for the day time sequences to let you explore more of the town but thats about it...

Raven_Nomad2754d ago

All of those would be great, except for Half Life, never been a fan. Really hoping to hear Alan Wake sequel though....

B00M2754d ago

Want MW3, Black Ops sucked. MW3 needs to be more like COD4.

StupidDude2754d ago

if they make Alan Wake 2, hopefully it won't look like it was made for the PS2.

and maybe they'll actually make an interesting story.

one can hope, i guess.

B00M2754d ago

Alan Wake had great graphics.

krazykombatant2754d ago

Wow you must be really blind by fanboism, to say that alan wake had ps2 graphics, get your head out of you @ss. The story was pretty good.

StupidDude2754d ago

the gameplay was really good, but, if you thought the character models and facial animations were 2010 quality, you're insane. everyone looked like they had a broken jaw when they talked.

the story has some interesting ideas, but, it never followed through on any of them. and it entirely shits the bed at the end without giving you even the slightest bit of resolution.

i still have love for Remedy. and it had potential, for sure. but, it's a failure in my eyes.

malamdra2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Alan Wake had very good graphics but some elements sucked, in particular the animations, the sprinting animation looked from PS2

the action was good but the story was lame, typical Stephen King wanna be crap

the recurring joke of the FBI agent calling Wake by different famous authors names seemed to be written by someone mentally challenged

SixShotCop2754d ago

Alan Wake 2 PLEASE!!

Xer0Signal obviously didn't play the game. PS2 graphics?? LOL! Sure buddy. Try harder! Anybody feeling bubble hungry?

StupidDude2754d ago

well, you're welcome to compare achievements with me. xbl gamertag Xer0Signal, or you can look at my raptr account.

sorry, kid.

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The story is too old to be commented.