Featured Gamer: KPopp Shows Us How To Pwn With the Spas-12

We are back again with another video by our very talented featured gamer Kelly “KPopp” and she is showing off the very famous Black Ops shotgun the Spas-12. While there are moments we can see her frustration she still gets the job done.

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cali3342804d ago

lol you wanna check out real spas-12 gun play check out my youtube channel cali334 i start off with a triple kill

Dart892804d ago

*If you have never used this gun then i don't know what's wrong with you.*

I don't play a game that is s*** and they can never fix the hit lag detection how's that for an answer?

Dart892804d ago

Na bro just expressing my feelings:).

Mr Tretton2804d ago

How to pwn? Enable aim assist.

just_looken2804d ago

trentton/dart bubbles+ 100% agree so many fn pown vids you see both. heck last week on rdr forums was a rdr pro powning low levels and bragging everyone loved the video but the sob had normal aim on and was l2/r2 button mashing. as my psn profile says (skilled b4 the cod bs)

DarthBigE2804d ago

is she supposed to be pro or something? ...cuz if she is...then damn....